10 combinations of tiles that will make your bathroom look fancy

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The ever popular minimalist trend of an otherwise boring bathroom needs to be forgone with a splash of color, or perhaps a brand new fresh pattern. There are a variety of different tile colors and styles to choose from with the versatility of the tile material being subject to customization. From daring tile designs to sleek borders this ideabook is bustling with vibrant ideas. Tiles are not only a very practical coating that help protect the walls, but also a means of decorating them at the same time. This coating comes with hidden potential that you can unveil- right from combining bold colors to creating exotic motifs in the bathroom

1. Different effects in the bathroom

Mixing and matching is never a bad thing, and the same applies to the bathroom as well. Rather than sticking to a single set of tiles, you can go about mixing in different colors and textures for a combined effect. 

2. How about an artsy bathroom?

Tiles with motifs can also be incorporated in the bathroom. The usual trend is to stick to colored tiles or plain ones. However, you can take this a level up with patterned tiles that represent a particular theme. 

3. Use tiles for the partition in the bathroom

A simple wall would do as a partition, but we're looking to go one level above simple! How about a tiled partition dividing the bathroom as opposed to a plain old wall? 

4. A tiled shower for the bathroom

Detailing makes all the difference in the world, as this next bathroom demonstrates. The family of grey seems to have taken over this wonderful shower, hasn't it? 

5. Taps in the bathroom require attention too!

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to detailing. The tiles around the tap can also be altered such as this one. Go for rainbow colors or any combination of colors that suits your liking. 

6. Natural elements in the bathroom

To create a garden like ambiance, go for green tiles such as these. You can opt for any theme that you would like to replicate. All you need is the right colors. 

7. Natural colors in the bathroom

Natural colors work great in the bathroom so be sure that you opt for colors and shades that bring out the best in you! Adding plants to the bathroom can also be a good idea to explore. 

8. Red for the background of the shower

A pop of color in the bathroom makes all the difference as is seen in this image. Be sure to go for neutral colors to accompany the background so as to not overpower it. 

9. A modern purple in the bathroom

A single theme bathroom can be an option too like this one. An all purple theme with the shower, mirror and tiles in different shades of purple works exceptionally well.

10. A pixel effect in the bathroom

How about a pixel effect such as this? It looks like this bathroom has been cut straight out of a high res magazine, doesn't it? 

11. Dark and gold in the bathroom

Dark and gold make for a classy look such as this. You simply cannot go wrong with this combination. 

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