A perfect living room shouldn’t have any of these mistakes

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To be perfect, your living room should fit your lifestyle, habits, personality and preferences. However, there are limits to how much freedom you have when you decorate it. If you want to create a comfortable and functional space that represents you and presents an ideal environment for spending time with your family and friends, then you should consider certain aspects.

To help you with this, in today’s ideabook we tell you what not to do, instead of what to do. Join us as we take you on a tour.  

1. Colour disaster

It seems easy, but it is not. Choosing the right colour palette is essential to reflect good taste and aesthetic sensibility. You can get help from a professional, who can offer you new perspectives and ideas. This is the safest way to avoid a disaster with colour. If the floor of your room has a strong tone, like in the image above, and you also have an impressive wall coated with stone or in a bold colour, opt for neutral tones such as white or beige for the rest of the space. Then, think of a lively tone that lends vibrancy to the environment, and use that colour for the accents.

2. Poor circulation

We often get excited about buying furniture and, suddenly, we find that we do not have enough space to move around. Ideally, you should make a sketch of the living room, so you can plan the appropriate place for each piece, and only then start to buy and decorate the living room. In the image above, we see a perfectly distributed modern living room.

3. Badly placed television

If you are going to put a television in the living room, place it in front of the sofa. Do not install it too high or too low, and don’t place it too much to the left or right. When you are watching television, you should be able to view the screen comfortably and while seated in a proper posture. The image above exemplifies how a television should be integrated into the space. The four-sided layout is always reliable in a room.

4. Excessive decoration

If you have eclectic tastes, a trick that does not fail is to use white on the walls and ceilings. With that solid foundation, you can be more creative without losing out on style. However, do not over-accessorize, as it will create the sense of clutter and disturb the ambiance. If you have a variety of styles and colours in the furniture, do not overload the walls. Leave at least one of them free.

5. Lack of lighting

The living room is a place of rest, pleasure and relaxation. Therefore, it should have dim lights to create a favourable mood. Although we are accustomed to  ceiling lights that illuminate the room completely and with intensity, we must also consider indirect lighting, the intensity of which can be controlled by a regulator or remote. This will create distinct effects and highlights. Do not forget to have candles at home. They are excellent to create a soothing environment, especially in minimalist living rooms.

6. Too large or uncomfortable furniture

As we said initially, everyone knows what kind of living room best fits his or her lifestyle. In any living room, the furniture should be comfortable and functional. Avoid pieces that do not have a definite function or don’t make you happy. The important thing is that the room should be comfortable, whichever your style you prefer.

Do you have any other suggestions on what to avoid in living rooms? Let us know in the comments.

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