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10 spectacular gates for a welcoming entrance to your home

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The entrance to a home might not be paid due notice to during the design of a home. This is where most of us go wrong because the design of a home should begin with matters on the home front! In order to make your entrance welcoming, you need to pay attention to the design of the gate, the materials used and the size of your entrance. Here are 10 spectacular gates that make for a wonderful entry into your home.

1. A front gate to admire from any angle of the house

The entrance of a home can be ameliorated with a front gate such as this which allows for a grand entry. It begins with a wide metallic frame that runs thick along the edges. The frame is completed with vertical railings that are met by horizontal ones making for a simplistic, yet unique design. Lights along the top of the gate add to the aesthetics of this entrance.

2. A traditional front gate with a twist

A gate of medium height is ideal for homes with smaller entrances. A solid design gate accounts for grooves along the body with a single lined gap that adds a nice touch. Also of note, is the handle of the gate which is a rare sight. A professional gate can be constructed with the simplest of all elements!

3. A dynamic front gate

Distinctive in nature, this gate stands out particularly due to the patterns, design and material. Essentially an interwoven pattern of metallic strips in a chrome grey hue the gate slides from one side to the other as opposed to opening outwards.

4. Steel gates that steal the show!

Metallic sheets have been used to construct this mid rise gate. Engraved within is a beguiling motif that keeps up with the greenery around. Silver and grey tones together work in harmony to give this gate the appeal that it so beautifully exudes.

5. A rustic gate for a smaller entrance

Entrances that are lined with stone or rock can make use of a gate such as this to give rise to an overall rustic theme. The gate is solid for three quarters of its length and finishes atop with a checkered design.

What do you think of these gate design ideas for Indian homes?

6. How about a hybrid gate for the entrance

Stone, wood and metal are extensively used in this next design. A base of marble upholds a frame of metal within which wooden planks and metallic railings coalesce to give rise to this stunning gate. The intricacies of the gate are attributed to the choice of wood and orientation of the railings.

7. White and modern gates for the entrance

This gate belongs to the same family as that of gate number 3 mentioned in this post. All dressed in white, this gate makes use of the dual pattern of interwoven metal and single metallic rods. To contrast the effect, a web patterned wall is added in.

8. A gate of modern imitation

Smaller entrances demand smaller gates, but not without a twist as this next gate demonstrates. It is essentially a take on modern city architecture with high rise buildings and lights. Single sheets of metal are used to create the buildings while cut out pieces represent the lights. We can't imagine the effect that would come about should the insides of the gate be lined with lights!

9. A gate of modern elegance

This gate takes on different cuts making it a real selling point. In all, it's a metallic gate with railings that run horizontally leaving equal spaces within. Larger strips run horizontally between the metallic railings creating a unique design.

10. A bold gate for the finish

A single, solid, bold gate adds wonderfully to a locality of greenery on all fours. The gate in its simplistic demeanor stands out as the minimalist pattern does all the talking for it.

For more design ideas on gates and entrances, visit this ideabook.

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