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8 images of wooden kitchen counter tops (that are smart and economical)

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Wooden kitchen countertops can very well be thought of as the cure for the cold of common stainless steel! After being eclipsed by showy stones such as marble and granite, as well as maintenance free engineered materials such as quartz and solid surfacing, natural wood countertops are seeing quite the comeback. The kitchen houses different decor and one of them is the kitchen top. For this, it is necessary to have an immaculate kitchen, where everything is in place to facilitate daily chores. Today we take a look at 8 smart and economical wooden kitchen counter tops that will leave you with a strong urge to reach out to the professionals at homify.

1. Laminated wooden in the kitchen

Laminated wood is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. With a white kitchen top, you end up with contrasting colors. A nice hanging lamp should suffice to take this kitchen to a whole new level. Shelves as opposed to kitchen cabinets make this kitchen an all round winner!

2. A simple set up for the kitchen

Bamboo wood is an appealing element that brings out the best in the kitchen. The best part is that you no longer have to look to other elements as a means of decor. Open shelves in a small kitchen are a great idea if you do not have space or have rough edges such as this kitchen.

3. A kitchen inspired by the country side

If this kitchen doesn't ring of the iconic Country home take me home, then we don't know what will! Cyan painted walls bring about a warm, relaxing charm which is completed with the addition of a solid wooden worktop.

Here's what the professionals have to say!

4. A minimalist kitchen

A single walled kitchen works best for smaller homes or kitchens that double up as a dining area as well. A graphite oak kitchen top is really the hero of the area while the wooden cabinets are complemented with yellow cupboards.

For more on organized kitchens, here is the perfect ideabook.

5. An all white kitchen

Keeping up the overall theme of this kitchen is the white kitchen top which is a wonderful idea in itself. To add an element of pop a yellow segment by the side has been incorporated. White knobs on the kitchen cabins complete this kitchen all too well.

6. A contemporary kitchen

Beech is a good material when it comes to the selection of the kitchen top. It's lightweight and the color is not too overwhelming which makes it a good option when it comes to blending in with the overall theme of the kitchen.

7. Elements that blend perfectly well in the kitchen

To make your kitchen more attractive you can opt for different elements that can come together in perfect harmony. This kitchen makes use of blue cabins with silver knobs at the bottom with wooden open shelves at the top.

8. A wooden kitchen island

An all wooden kitchen island is a statement in itself as this next kitchen demonstrates. It is functional and at the same time an interesting decor element.

For more inspiration, have a look at this ideabook that's brimming with ideas.

Which idea would you like to incorporate in your kitchen?

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