25 stylish kitchen island ideas that are also functional

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The kitchen island is an ideal addition to any home, giving a feeling of spaciousness and allowing for a greater distribution of surface area and storage capacity. Kitchen island's are a great idea for those of you who are dealing with smaller kitchen spaces. Not only do they provide an area for cooking, but also serve as work stations where architecture comes into play. This ideabook gathers stylish spaces from the homify archives for kitchen island ideas of any style. From being a dream spot to unwind in to being your morning coffee brew, these practical and beautiful kitchen islands will have you spellbound.

1. Keep it simple in the kitchen with this island

A simple functional kitchen island could just be the center of attraction that your kitchen needs. This design comes with storage units beneath the island. In order to make your kitchen look completely functional and organized, be sure to have your utensils neatly arranged.

2. There's always room for more in this kitchen!

Marble, not only makes a good flooring material but also a great kitchen table material. Its reflective surface makes cleaning an easy leaving you with a clean kitchen in almost no time at all. With an open space in the roofing of the kitchen, you will have the right amount of light to thrown on this kitchen island.

3. A compact kitchen island for a smaller space

The best thing about kitchen islands is that they can be of any size. If space does not permit, you can have a compact, cozy little kitchen island such as this. The closed drawers at the bottom can conceal your cutlery and utensils while the table top could serve as a quiet retreat for yourself.

4. A modern day petite kitchen island

This kitchen looks like it's cut straight out of a magazine! It's widely a white ensemble with a grayish blue bottom for the kitchen island which comes with cupboards as well as draws for better storage. Also of note is the widespread area of the island which allows you to use it as a dining table as well.

5. A marble themed kitchen island

Marble makes a great material for the kitchen top simply due to the fact that it does not stain easily. Stains can be removed in a single wipe which is of the essence when time is pressing down on you. A dining table with the same top can be used to bring about uniformity.

6. How about a classic kitchen island?

A granite topped kitchen island with a white wooden base is also a great idea to explore. It is a fairly simple design that doesn't occupy too much space. To keep things on par in this kitchen, a wooden dining table of similar dimensions is chosen.

7. A country style rustic kitchen island

H's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Classic style kitchen

The lighting of this kitchen keeps up with the rustic theme far too well. An all wooden ensemble is chosen. The kitchen island runs horizontally along the length of the kitchen occupying a very narrow amount of space.

8. A minimalist Au Naturale kitchen island

To bring out the best in your kitchen, a view of the garden or nature is a must. You can have your kitchen island face the outdoors so that you can catch a glimpse of it whenever you like. The kitchen island chosen in this idea has a metallic surface with a wooden base.

9. Here's a concrete idea for a kitchen island!

Concrete is yet another material that works well for the kitchen. When picked out to form the surface of the kitchen island, it stands out due to the unique touch that it adds to the area. Team this up with a wooden base and this picture is all but complete without the addition of the kitchen cabinets and decor.

10. A play on white and brown in the kitchen

Wooden surfaces might not be apt for a kitchen island surface due to many factors, but this does not rule out the possibility of having it as a base for the same. You can opt for a ceramic material for the surface while the base can be made of wood.

11. An all wooden kitchen island

This kitchen island design exudes a certain charm that's quite difficult to surpass. It's simple yet oh so homely, it fits right in the corner of the house with no hassle at all. A ceramic material is chosen to top the kitchen island off while the wooden cabinets at the bottom add storage capabilities.

12. Keep it minimal in the kitchen

Add a professional touch to your kitchen with a minimalist idea such as this. The kitchen island is well equipped with drawers and cabinets so you can store your utensils away. The material of the island is in coherence with the decor of the kitchen which makes this a picture perfect kitchen!

13. Metallic surfaces for the kitchen island

If you want a sparkly clean kitchen then the answer lies in metallic surfaces, not only for the kitchen island, but for the refrigerator and sink as well! The reflective surface adds a nice charm to the area, not to forget- it makes for the ideal surface to get stains off!

14. Brighten the kitchen with wood. It's that simple!

Plywood makes a good material for the kitchen. With natural lighting, the kitchen can seem larger than it actually is! Having a wooden themed home is also a great idea to experiment with.

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15. Classic is the way to go in the kitchen

How about a classic kitchen that takes the term rustic all too seriously? With this idea you can make that a reality! A rustic kitchen island with a grey metallic base makes quite the impact while the wooden top simply finishes off this masterpiece.

16. Another kitchen of white and brown

CFH, ASTER ASTER Industrial style kitchen

How about a wooden based kitchen island to match the flooring of your home? You could either opt for oak wood as does this design or walnut wood which come with a nice level of detailing. With a white backdrop your kitchen is ready!

17. Here's a stylish modern design for your kitchen

How about a striking kitchen island such as this? The reflective kitchen island surface matches that of the refrigerator making for the perfect pair. Pine wood is chosen as the base which is known for the ease with which stains can be removed.

18. This open kitchen design is waiting for you!

Open kitchen designs are perfect for any home that allows it, don't you think? With a simple kitchen island at center stage you have for yourself the perfect mix.

19. How about this modern beautiful kitchen design?

A veneer is essentially a thin layer of wood which is cut from the circumference of a tree which is precisely the material used in the ceiling of the kitchen. The kitchen island is kept simple with contrasting hues of black and white.

20. A squeaky clean white kitchen island

White too, is a great idea for the kitchen albeit impractical if you're someone who isn't bent on keeping it clean! This neat little kitchen island makes for the perfect one with the decor to finish it off!

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21. A lighted kitchen island that you do not want to miss

To bring focus to the kitchen island, you can choose to line it in the following fashion. With a little innovation on your end, you can end up with a modern design on the island. You can opt for just about any pattern to bring out the best in your kitchen.

22. A kitchen design that's destined for cleanliness

How about an all metallic kitchen such as this? Not only is it simple to clean but also lovely to look at. The decor is kept to a minimum so as to not shift focus from the design of the kitchen.

23. An ode to Country Home right in the kitchen

Anyone who appreciates the country side is bound to appreciate this kitchen. It aims to replicate the entire feel of being in the country and does so rightly well! The wooden flooring and the wooden railings on the ceiling simply complete the kitchen.

24. A monotone kitchen theme

Black and white never did go out of style as this next modern idea demonstrates. A marble surface kitchen island is chosen with a white base. The kitchen runs horizontally sticking to a monotone theme.

25. A futuristic design for the kitchen

This futuristic kitchen island leaves out the cabinets at the bottom, exposing the kitchen base. The kitchen is not only beautiful but also completely functional.

We hope that this book of ideas inspired you to get a kitchen island right away!

Which one did you like best?

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