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12 entrance designs for your home that will leave you awestruck

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The entrance of a house is almost like a business card, which introduces what lies in store in the rest of the home. It holds tremendous potential for decoration, but is often neglected. Today, we bring you some interesting ideas to make the entrance of your home as special as possible using precise style, different dimensions, and other creative concepts. 

Let's start the tour to get inspired by these beautiful designs!

1. Simple but effective

A simple entrance can also be refined and effective. This is precisely the case with this design, which features a console with drawers that rests next to a wall covered with wallpaper, with an unconventional mirror and coloured accessories to complement the look.

2. Spacious and elegant

Entrance staged for sale with hired furniture and accessories. Heatons Home Styling Dining roomTables
Heatons Home Styling

Entrance staged for sale with hired furniture and accessories.

Heatons Home Styling

This large entrance lobby has two consoles that are arranged facing each other. The use of the same materials creates an elegant look to welcome guests.

3. Amazing

Black-and-white mosaics, artistic chandeliers, wardrobes, a hanger with a bright coat, a tall mirror and patterned wallpaper – these are the ingredients of an entrance designed to amaze.

4. Sophisticated

Here the star of the entrance is its lighting! The extra-large chandelier draws attention and gives it a sophisticated touch. The blue on the stair rail and the combination of black and white in the adjacent space give this entrance lots of character.

5. Ethno-chic

Wicker baskets, wooden vases and accessories, and warm colours make this entrance a perfect representation of the ethno-chic style that adds warmth and brings the feeling of being in an exotic country.

6. Scandinavian

White dominates this entrance, with a few wooden details providing relief and complementing the plants on the window sill as well as the other decorative elements. These are the main ingredients of the small-but-chic look of a Scandinavian-design inspired entrance.

7. Colourful

To separate the entrance visually from the living room, this modern open-plan space uses the colourblock technique. It’s a fascinating and daring idea, which is worth copying.

8. Now you see it, now you don’t

From this  entrance lobby we can get a glimpse of the living room, which is gently separated by a shelf with compartments that acts as a decorative divider of the spaces. This is a very clever and stylish idea even for small houses.

9. Artistic

There is no better way to receive guests than to display some paintings or artistic elements that make a great visual impact in the entrance. In this case, the paintings beautifully complement the golden colour on the floor, creating a pleasant ambiance.

10. Design showcase

Focusing on a few  design elements is undoubtedly an effective solution to create a beautiful image in your home's entrance even when your area is limited. This is exactly what happens in this stylish entrance that stands out due to the parapet of the staircase, which is composed of a stylized grid in an industrial design.

11. Country-style

In this beautiful country-style entrance, there are plenty of natural elements that represent the style. The logs of trees, whitewashed walls and lovely lighting attract attention, enticing you to step forward to discover the rest of the house.

12. Eclectic and fun

Eclectic and fun, shocking and entertaining, the scene at this entrance immediately catapults us into a tropical atmosphere, thanks to the colour scheme, the pattern of the wallpaper and the plants.

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