10 habits to have a clean and organized home in 2018

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There's a whole lot of fuss about bringing optimism in our lives though, seldom people know how to bring about that change. Our living space is an integral part of bringing about this change.  A clean, tidy, organised space rids us of stress and anxiety. The most amazing aspect of having such space is that it’s born out of our habits. Our habits define our work and our living.

In the following post, we will help you inculcate some amazing habits, for a better home and better living.

​1.Love Life and Nurture it

Tired of watching flowers wither, seeping sadness in your living space? Fill your home with fragrance. Change the flowers and water, regularly in your flower vase. It will make you feel closer to nature and life.

​2.First Impressions

You would not want your guests to flee from your gates, neither would you wish to inherit frustration every time you walk out the door and look at the dirty, mismanaged entry. Make it habit to clean your exteriors on a regular basis.

​3.Good lighting and routines

Night time is the right time! While lighting your home gives you a sense of position, parking your car in the exact position saves you time. Both, together help you inculcate habit of routine. So, park the car, the way it suits you best and turn the lights on and off when necessary.

​4. Organizing saves Time

Going bonkers over misplaced stuff is a common attribute most humans possess. For this unorganised behaviour to be rectified, we need just a change of habit. Specify the area where a particular article needs to be, and once you are done using it, keep it back in the exact same spot. Rest assured, your anxiety levels will drop to great lows with this simple hack.

​5. Food and Cleanliness

A huge pile of dirty dishes is a traumatic sight, especially when you have to leave early. Moreover, eating and preparing food needs hygienic surroundings. Make it a habit, to keep your dining table, bar and kitchen clean after every session.

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​6. Sound sleep

When you get back from a long day at work, you would just want to slip in under your blanket and sleep. Every day, as soon as you wake up, tidy up your bedroom, change sheets if needed.

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​7. For the Readers and Night owls

Readers and night owls have a specific need which others seldom understand. The dim but not so dim lights are preferable in the bedroom, right? Make it a habit to suit your needs and turn off the unnecessary lights. Keep the things ordered, because after indulging in your favorite reads, you will surely forget everything else. When you are done, just return the things to the way before you entered.

​8. Basins and Washrooms

Make sure you keep the accessories and bathing kit at the right place. It’s a good habit to have the washroom clean and organised as it devotes a great deal to your hygiene.

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​9. ‘Living’ Room

Amazing design and setup are designers and artists fuel. The living space is where we all sit down to chill and let our minds run wild. Make it a habit to let some light and fresh air enter into your living space, while keep it clean and tidy always.

​10. Last but Not the Least

The last place you visit before you leave your home, is an important area. It would have your umbrella, coat and most often a mirror too. Keep this area clean and organised. This will save you the hassle of searching for your going out essentials and also make you punctual. A great way would be to keep the things back to the way they were before you left.

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