10 ways to use a carpet in the corridor

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Carpets are a great way to accessorize in and around the house. For those of you who find yourself tied between the many choices made available to you, here is the ultimate guide for all your carpet needs. Covering a wide array of designs, and types, we at homify present this guide to you!

1. Geometric prints

Geometric prints grab eyeballs at any nook that they are placed in. From motifs to pieces of art, there is no dearth when it comes to the application of geo-prints. When placed at the center of an aisle or corridor, it can work wonders, particularly if it's paired up with vibrant hued walls to compliment it.  

2. Plain and simple

There's nothing better than a regular carpet print to set the pace in a corridor. You could opt for an all plain ensemble, or simply one that is has a black border running along it's edges. 

3. The fine print

More room for experimentation is right at your feet with this next carpet. It appears to be a crossword puzzle of some sorts which you can follow right until the time you are led to the room of your choice. 

4. A rosy pathway

Bring a splash of color to the aisle leading to the entrance to welcome inhabitants and outsiders alike. A nice bright ambiance is in the making for those who pick a corridor carpet with floral designs. 

5. Woven carpets

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Woven carpets bring a certain vibe to the surrounding areas which is why you should invest in them right away. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and fibers. Be sure to pick one that will complement your flooring. 

6. One for the stairway

To highlight the staircase, you can opt for a carpet that runs from the top floor to a lower one. The effect that comes off a patterned carpet is something that you do not want to miss out on, as is depicted in the preceding image.  

7. Grandiose living

Grandiose living beckons for the kinds that choose the larger than life lifestyle for themselves! Team up your corridor carpet with an identical one that runs on your staircase for the best pairing. 

Innovation is just around the corner here at homify!

8. Petite carpets

For narrow corridors, opt for carpets that fit right in. You could choose any color and design for the same, but opting for darker shades seems to be a better option, for reasons we wish to refrain from spelling out! 

9. One for the lovers of books

The library is a place of special importance, wouldn't you say? This is why we're rolling out the red carpet for all those who choose to visit. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating the corridor.

10. One for the entrance

The entrance of a home can seem empty without a carpet, so place one right where you need to in order to complete this picture perfect frame. 

We leave you with multiple ways that you can decorate your living room with.

Which one did you like best?

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