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How to decorate my living room on a budget (16 easy ideas)

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Are you looking for living room ideas to light your home up? If your living room has gone out of style, then this post is brimming with living room designs that are bound to leave you spellbound. Have a look at these 16 pictures and take notes for your own living room.

1. A multi colored living room

Here is a living room interior to replicate if your living room decoration seems to have run out of style. The simple addition of colors can bring life into your home once again. Bright colored cushions when teamed up with an all impressive carpet such as this can make all the difference in the world. 

2. A living room with lighting in the shelves

Living room wall decor can be a great way to spruce up your home. You can dedicate an entire wall as part of this living room decorating idea! Be sure to pick out the right colors to compliment your living room furniture. 

3. An all white living room

The best color for living room walls happens to be white as it blends in well with just about any element or color that you pick out. You can choose any living room furniture to complement and complete your living room! 

4. Wallpaper for the living room

Picking out wallpaper for living rooms is a great idea if you're looking for simple living room designs. Wall stickers for the living room could be a cost effective solution to refurnishing your living room. 

5. A living room with a photo gallery

If you're wondering how to decorate living room, then here's one you can't refuse! Another great idea for small living room designs is to go with a living room interior design photo gallery if you like.

6. The monochrome living room

The two color combination for living rooms has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. If you want to tap in on Indian living room designs for small spaces, then this is precisely the way of doing so!

7. An awe inspiring living room

Keeping in mind the color combination for the living room, be sure to pick out colors that gel well with each other. Be sure that you do not go over board with living room colors however. 

8. A modern living room design

Home decor ideas for the living room include a wide array of elements, one of the most important being, the center stand. The image above exemplifies modern living rooms with its dynamic. 

9. Go for a living room with elegant wallpaper

Wallpaper designs for the living room are plenty to choose from. If you are going for a look of elegance, then this wall texture design for the living room will not disappoint you!

10. Use natural stone elements for the living room

Another great idea that you can experiment with is natural stone elements. Using natural stone elements as the backdrop with white furniture on the fore makes all the difference in the world, don't you think? 

11. Use your favorite magazines to decorate your living room

Magazines are brimming with living room images waiting to be replicated right at your front door! Be sure to let them in! You could also opt for hanging lights in living room to add that extra punch of elegance. 

12. Present your beloved paintings in your living room

Creative wall painting ideas for the living room suggest that you can depict your works of art center stage! This is a great living room wall decoration idea if you are looking to add some glamour to your home. 

13. False ceiling for the living room

How about a false ceiling for the living room? Not only does it add extra charm to the room, but also presents you with the opportunity to add an extra lsyer of lighting.  

14. Present your hobbies in the living room

The living room wall can also be used to showcase your musical instruments if music is something that you associate with. An all white ensemble such as this works perfectly well with any instrument that you choose to string! 

15. Use as many cushions as possible in the living room

Here is a pop design for the living room that entails the use of multiple cushions to add brightness to the area. You could go with single or multi hued cushions depending on your liking. 

16. Colorful carpets in the living room

Carpets for living room come in varied hues and shapes. Be sure that you pick one that blends in well with the furniture of your living room. 

For more inspiration, look to this ideabook right here!

Do let us know your thoughts! 

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