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12 ideas to combine the kitchen and dining room with style

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When you want to take advantage of every corner of your home to the fullest, combining rooms can be an excellent solution, especially when the kitchen and dining room are accommodated in the same space. This way, you won’t have to move too much to serve food, and your family can enjoy the delicious aromas of the food that you cook when they are seated at the dining table. 

If you like the idea of having your kitchen and dining room in the same space, get inspired by these 12 designs that we have put together for you.

1. Facing each other

When the kitchen and dining room share the same space and have similar dimensions, there must be order in the arrangement. That's why we show you this alternative that is extremely practical. The two rooms face each other and are merged without disturbing each other.

2. A border and a centre

Few designs are more efficient than those that place the kitchen along the walls and the  dining room in the centre. This way, you can distribute the space well to combine the two areas without one obstructing the other.

3. A corner with a rectangular table

A corner kitchen can be extremely practical and beautiful while rectangular dining rooms are very effective, since they provide more space for chairs. What is the result of combining this type of kitchen and dining room? You can see the pleasing result in the above image!

4. In a difficult area

You can make the kitchen and the dining room coexist under the stairs. However, you need to be careful how you distribute the space. It’s ideal to accommodate the kitchen under the highest part, while the dining room can be in the area where the stairs are lower.

5. An unnoticeable transition

For the fusion of  kitchen and dining room to be a resounding success, we must eliminate any type of wall that divides the spaces. Once this is done, all that remains is to coordinate the colours, shapes and style. Remember that since both these areas are in a shared space, it is best that they look similar.

6. Rectangle and circle

You can mix shapes, such as a straight kitchen and a round dining room, or a semi-circular kitchen and a square dining room, to achieve a geometric contrast that brings the spaces together and yet clearly defines each one.

7. Perpendicular layout

The position of the kitchen and dining room can create a beautiful composition, and for this, a perpendicular arrangement can be effective. This way, the two spaces are separated without one getting in the other’s way.

8. Change in colour

kitchen with dark tones and a lighter dining room, or vice versa, is a clever way to combine the two rooms into one, but to keep them visually separate.

9. Carrying through colour

Here, you can see a kitchen and dining room that look like one large combined space. This is due to the same tones being carried through in both the spaces.

10. Keep convenience in mind

This design has the  kitchen bar counter near the dining room. It is an extremely functional design, because it allows the two spaces to share storage. Merging two spaces can have more benefits than you might think.

11. Matching material

In this alternative, the focus is on the materials used in the kitchen and  the dining room. Wood is used for the furniture of both the areas to create the necessary connection that makes them look cohesive.

12. A variety of colours and materials

This last idea shows how to keep the same decorative style, even if the colours or materials used in the two areas are different. In the image, each area of this shared room has neutral tones but also a touch of colour – red for the kitchen and green for the dining room.

Which of these designs did you like best? Answer in the comments.

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