18 interior gardens that will take your breath away

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Lively greens can not only look good, but they can add tons of freshness and cheer to your home. But with homes getting smaller and smaller these days, one hardly has enough space to grow a traditional outdoor garden. Hence, here are some beautiful interior gardens that will inspire you to make the most of your space available inside. This way, plants will freshen up your indoor air and add lots of charm to your home decor.

1. Very classy

Two squares, one garden and one pool, makes this space truly stunning. Indirect lighting at the bases of the squares adds to the charm.

2. Freshness for bathrooms

Even a sleek planter on one side or a few hanging pots of greens can make your bathroom stylish and refreshing.

3. Why ignore space under staircase?

Take a cue from this beautiful wooden staircase where the space underneath it has been utilised to grow a small garden.

4. Make the most of hallways

Hallways not only help in transitioning from one room to another, but can also be used to grow a lovely garden with pebbles and rocks if you please, to avoid dirty floors.

5. A relaxing corner

Look how this luxurious and spacious bathroom opens up to a small garden with lively bushes and pretty creepers.

6. Near the entrance

This sophisticated and neat glass box with white pebbles and potted greens is perfect at the entrance of a modern home. Credit goes to the architects at Vismaracorsi Arquitectos.

7. Right in the middle of a room

There is something very creative about growing a single tall tree in the middle of a room or putting some potted greens together.

8. Compact but amazing

This very small hallway has been decked with potted greens, beautiful climbers, pebbles and wooden steps to make for a stunning garden.

9. Industrial chic affair

A verdant vertical garden on the left and bright potted greens on the window ledge makes this space ideal for resting and meditation.

10. Ideal for bohemian souls

A lavish U-shaped sofa with wooden planters for arms and a gorgeous pot with a tall tree as coffee table make for a unique tropical style living room.

11. Interior garden with a view

If your room overlooks a magical natural landscape, add some lovely potted greens, hanging planters and a stylish sofa to make it a resting spot.

12. Explore your wild side

Bring nature home, if you don’t have time to connect with nature, with earthen pots and large leafy greens.

13. Enjoyable ambiance

With potted greens all lined up against the wall and on either side of the fireplace, this room looks like a magical jungle.

14. Even a tiny corner is enough for a garden

Make the most of idle corners by introducing some greens, pebbles or even a water feature.

15. Vertical garden for fashionable mealtimes

This stunning dining room has been given a whole new edge with a lush vertical garden. The gorgeous carpet and chandelier are added attractions.

16. Elegant and Zen

Rocks, pebbles lush greens and a simple water feature can make for a peaceful Zen garden that doesn’t dirty your interiors.

17. Stone garden under the stairs

With beautiful white pebbles and a single tall plant, this stone garden adds tons of pizzazz to the wooden staircase above.

18. Artistic and natural effect

With a gorgeous nature mural in the background and fresh potted greens in front of it, this space mimics a huge garden of a unique kind.  

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