9 beautiful living rooms bubbling with style

Encinos, MARIANGEL COGHLAN MARIANGEL COGHLAN Industrial style media room
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Decorating the living room of our beautiful home require lots of planning and proper execution of the design. May be because it is the social area of the house where we welcome our guests. However, the most important reason should be that it is the room where you and your family unwind after a long day before the family retires to their own personal space. Today we have compiled for you 9 beautiful and comfortable living rooms ideas for you to get inspired. One thing we can assure you that apart from the beauty these rooms are warm and welcoming to suit every style.

Have a look!

​1. Natural texture

The open brick multipurpose partition, rust colour rug, neutral tone splattered around and the shades of charcoal dominating the space, this beautiful room nail the country style.

​2. Modern meets traditional

Residence - Shriniwas J. M. Pune. Spaceefixs Modern living room

Residence—Shriniwas J. M. Pune.


It is a beautiful amalgamation of modern and traditional coexisting in a common space with élan and poise. One side is dominated by elaborate carvings on the wood and the other side is the modern wide wooden beams emerging from behind the contemporary sofa to style the roof.

​3. Universal appeal

This room has global appeal. Wooden flooring, different material and style of furniture, modern art adorning the wall, large French windows and an oversize lampshade completing the look; it is globally modern room.

​4. Eclectic mix of style

LIVING AREA VIEW 2 homify Rustic style living room



This room has managed to achieve a perfect balance in imbalance. There is nothing matching -matching here. The furniture, accessories, the frames, mirror… everything is different but they come together to bring harmony in this room like it is in family.

​5. Modestly glamorous

Neutral decor doesn’t always mean that you are playing safe. It could also be that you are open to changes and ready to surprise yourself. Textured rug, stylish sofa, glass center-table, wide window and a fashionable chair for the contrast; it’s smart and chic.

​6. Warm and airy

3D VISUALIZATION, FREELANCE FREELANCE Scandinavian style living room Bricks White Plant,Property,Table,Furniture,Couch,Houseplant,Green,Interior design,Shade,Wood



The warmth of wood on the sofa, door and window frames and an elegant partition displaying the artifacts, it brings in stunning charm to this cozy and open family room. Greenish tone on rug, curtains and the plants complement the grey dominated space.

​7. Natural texture and the wallpaper

LIVING ROOM VIEW 1 homify Minimalist living room



Beautifully decorated wall is the first thing that we see as we walk into a room. Dress the wall and the whole ambiance will change. Here the roughness of stone suddenly merges with the smoothness of wallpaper and create a completely contrasting yet beautiful texture on the walls. This fashionably innovative idea has elevated the look of the space.

​8. Contemporary warmth

Wooden and rattan touch brings warmth and coziness to this amazingly calm and modern living room. L-shaped sofa perfectly utilizes the corner and colourful cushions against the neutral tone make a statement and add to the comfort too.

​9. Beauty in simplicity

The real charm is in simplicity. Just keep the bare minimum thing and then let the lucidity and calmness of the space speak for itself. A simple L-shaped sofa, comfy recliner, a few accessories and then the naked stone wall; it is stunning.

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