27 clever ways to place a TV in your house!

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Life without TV is unimaginable these days. Whether you like watching movies, football matches or shows, a TV brings everyone in the family together and makes for memorable moments. So here we have discussed 27 awesome ideas to place your TV smartly, whether it is in your media room, living room or bedroom.

1. Set in wooden furniture that is a partition too

A neat wooden unit which acts as a partition as well holds the TV here. Very ingenious!

2. Modular and very modern

This modular TV unit offers lots of room for storing DVDs, remotes and such, besides looking great in a small home.

3. A harmonious effect

This modern living room looks neat and spacious because of the TV that has been accommodated nicely by the wall unit. Credit goes to the interior architects at Sesso & Dalanezi.

4. Make your statement with colour

Take a cue from this image and make your TV cabinet in a bold hue for unique visual impact.

5. Versatile piece

Choosing a modern and simple TV unit like the one shown here is a good idea, as it will go with any kind of home.

6. Classy and contemporary

Black and steel grey make for a very elegant colour palette in this space and they highlight the TV nicely as well.

7. Special for the media room

Rendered in dark and sober hues and equipped with stylish lights, this modern media room is solely dedicated to the massive TV unit.

8. One with furniture

Since trendy TVs are sleek and light, they can be easily embedded into a feature wall or furniture piece like shelf.

9. Minimal and elegant

Dominated by white, this living room lets the TV be the focus here by incorporating it in the wall that holds the fireplace.

10. Industrial look

Grey and earthy tones and metal, wood and concrete come together to create an industrial ambiance for the TV.

11. With unique sliding doors

TV Wall Unit Style Within Modern media room
Style Within

TV Wall Unit

Style Within

The TV in this large bookshelf comes with magenta sliding doors to stay out of sight when no one’s watching it.

12. When wood is king

Wood is a very popular material when it comes to TV furniture and rightly so, as it is warm, neutral yet classy.

13. Utilising niches

Accommodating the television in a customised niche is also a great idea, as it hardly wastes any floor area.

14. Creative setting

The dark wooden panel holding the TV here is very artistic while the orange counter adds warmth and passion.

15. Open organisation

With an open wooden shelf like this, you can arrange the TV and other collectibles easily without hampering the passage of light.

16. Bedroom entertainment

It is inspiring how the TV has been housed in the panel opposite the headboard to make this stylish bedroom entertaining.

17. Choose white for brightness

A white TV unit can look bright, spacious and very modern and can be contrasted by colourful artefacts.

18. Wall-mounted affair

This sleek TV unit mounted against the wall looks light, trendy and is perfect for small spaces.

19. Simplicity is power

A sleek and functional TV unit with neat shelves and a cabinet can do the trick for you.

20. All in the lighting

Though the furniture here is simple and trendy, the warm LED lighting on the false ceiling enhances the TV-watching experience.

21. Combine niche and wood

A wood-clad niche for the TV is the perfect way to create a warm and cosy effect.

22. Contrasts and modernism

The smooth and dark wooden TV unit contrasts the grey sofa nicely and the whole effect is very modern.

23. Play with textures

We love how the smooth wooden TV unit has been paired with the rugged stone wall for an interesting look.

24. Smart lighting

By installing lights on the back of the TV unit, a very stylish and spacious look can be achieved.

25. Nothing extravagant

A very simple and sleek wooden unit can also hold a TV elegantly and look great in compact spaces.

26. Beauty of details

The shelf holding the TV here has many niches for books, wicker baskets, candles and a leather stool for a personalised look. The wallpaper with phrases is also quirky.

27. Long and linear haven

A long and sleek TV unit like the one shown here can be the perfect getaway on Sundays, as long as you have a very lavish sofa with soft cushions.

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