17 ideas to separate spaces in your home

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When it comes to our own bedroom, everyone has their own preference. Some like it compact, where everything is at a hand's distance, while others like it spacious. Now, having said that, we all do wish to have everything to fit in that design we cooked up. And everything, includes, well, everything. TV's are an essential part of everything needed in bedroom.

Below you will find different hacks to fit the huge streaming giants, complementing your interiors.

​1.The New Divide

If your bedroom has a classy dividing wall, then increase it beauty with your shining TV set. You can enjoy your favorite movie up close, while tucked cozily in your bed. The best part is when you turn of the lights; it looks like a hanging screen.

2. Evergreen

Now, this has been a hack used for decades. That subtle design, where your closet has hooves in between, is cliched. Though, none can still take its sheen away from this design. It so feels that your TV set was meant to be there!

​3.Bold and Beautiful

Why would we need a TV straight in front of our faces? A layout used by those who go against the wind. A design for placing your TV set on its custom stand. So you can now watch your favorite movie, lying sideways.

Here are some inspiring TV room designs for your home!

​4. Up close

A design for people who like things up close. This is a great way for placing your TV set, if you like a compact bedroom. You are sleepy sloth and you love laziness. Careful though, this is not for TV sets on the heavier side.

​5. No Nonsense

Being the elegant professional, you would love your TV set perched on the far wall. Minimalist in approach and a splendor in appearance. Your work table giving you a relaxing view of flowers, all the while drenched in the music from your TV set.

​6. Around the corner

Being a huge room, with a balcony overlooking the outside pool, where to place your TV? Oh yeah, there is a place in the corner of our huge bedroom. When alone you can always turn your lovely sofa around.

More on living rooms with TV's over here!

​7. Wall King

Decorated with flowers and artifacts on the side slabs, the space right in front of your eyes is really empty. Why not add a painting there, or a better, more visually dynamic modern piece of art. This placement is sure to make your night lively.

​8. The organised

Your way to approach things oozes of organised and orderly fashion. Books and needed stuff in the slabs, right beside a space for laptop. So, it is apt for you to have TV set complimenting the color scheme and not disturbing your work timings.

Ideas for your TV room, right here. 

​9. Simple

You are just a step away from living in the woods, meaning you like it simple and close to nature. A vintage lamp with slabs filled with books or art or vinyls, TV set not so huge but serving the purpose, perfectly fitting the big spacing in the racks. Maybe there is an acoustic guitar magnifying room’ austerity by your bedside.

​10. Nomad’ way

You have fixed your TV spot in the perfect place. You now, just need that convertible, air filled, self heating and cooling, sofa set and your life is set. This design perfectly fits the no hassle, love easy type.

​11. Me and TV

You are obsessed with your TV, accept it, it’s not a crime. You even had that whole lighting and comfy sofa set beside your TV spot. In fact, your design accentuates your beautiful beastly TV set. Such kind of love makes me cry!

12. Engraved on the Wall

Well maintained with no extra spots or pots. Designed for TV set, which are light and hangar based. It gives a sweet engraved spot right in front of you. Your TV set sits calmly in its spot, while you watch it lying on your bed.

​13. Sofa Viewing

You have got a lavishly large bedroom. Now, why not add a bit more? Why just watch TV lying down? Place a sofa right in front of your TV set, close those drapes and put on your favorite movie. Let your date experience of watching movie in a lounge, while feeling at home!

14. Part Friend and Fiend

You are the fiend and your TV set is your friend. Daytime those interiors livin things with the sun’ shine bouncing off your TV screen. At night, it turns into a perfect part spot and TV your party friend, oh you fiend!

​15. Across the Hallway

By the hall across the hallway, in your apartment, lies your precious TV set. Perched upon the wall, with the artifacts on the side slabs providing it the perfect company. Enjoy the view from your bed, while checking down the hall! (Only in case you are paranoid!)

​16. Mirror-TV-Mirror on the wall

You do have a nice way to massage your ego. This lovely design suits for the incredible bed, and art pieces and sculptures laying behind the bed. Your TV set is a part of the mirror; pleasuring you with best viewing experience while gloating in your accomplishments.

​17. See Through

An unconventional design, crafted for keeping those in mind who like to business and pleasure in their apt place. The whole design includes your TV set placed in the middle of a see through rack, facing your bed. So, you can now hold private meetings in the sofa area, work on your laptop. When you call it a day, you can relax and peacefully stream your favorite movie.

A great man once said, “It’s a person’s perception and comfort that drives his design but it’s the needs that drives the allocation of things.” 

Let us know if your TV set need is different from the one listed above and we be happy to guide you.

Tell us which ones you liked best!

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