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15 inspiring ideas of modern facades for your home

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Technology has advanced so far that now we can take a virtual tour of our home even though it is just an idea and design on screen. The photographs of housing projects which we see nowadays are not the real site image but a virtual image waiting to take a real shape. From facade to the kitchen, from colour to texture, from size to the layout, everything can be felt in a home for real and lived through the augmented reality even before the construction has begun. The benefit of this is that we can plan and make suggestions and changes, of course with the architect’s advice, thus saving on the time and money.

Today we have brought for you 15 pictures of facades of modern homes. Have a look and if it inspires you make the design your facade.

1. Stone on the wall

The colour and texture of the stones used on just a portion of the wall makes it stand out from the rest of the façade. It has been harmonized well by the colour and fine finishing on the remaining walls.

​2. Different materials on the wall

It is the materials that determines the colour and texture of the facade and make it look attractive. This facade has lots of different materials- wood, metal, glass and painted masonry and each material has maintained its character and individuality. Together they have made this facade unique and beautiful.

​3. Framed floor

Oversize wooden door and floor to ceiling fixed glass window on the ground floor and the upper floor framed by the concrete grey wall defining the limit with great detail is modern and inspiring.

4. The bang of colour

There are no rules that the façade should only be in neutral colours or natural shades. Create a little ripple and excitement by adding brightness in the neutral façade. The interesting detail in green on the upper floor balcony is electrifying.

5. Transparent with shining lights

The glass on the façade virtually connects the exterior with the interior of the house. It’s a futuristic design with large glass window upstairs with lights shining like stars.

6. The iron bars

In this facade iron bars has been used to cover the garage for security which extends to form the wall for the garden. The iron bars allow the uninterrupted view of the beautiful interior.

​7. Textures on the walls

A large grey stone wall protects the entrance from the direct view from the street. On the other side is the grid with geometric patterns carved on the wall and light coloured stone wall above it to complete this amazing facade characterized by different texture on the same materials, stone.

​8. The shades of white

White predominate this facade in its different shades. White on the house, garage doors, and on the walls of the building looks stunning.

9. The style of windows

The designs and strategic position of the windows is giving this facade a unique style. Elongated narrow windows on the top floor, perfect square on the ground and then again an elongated narrow window on the stone wall is in perfect harmony.

​10. Rustic charm of the stone

The rustic beauty of the stones standing tall in this simple façade will never go unnoticed. It also defines the entrance of the house.

​11. Lines on the frame

It is the horizontal lines that dominates this façade and makes it attractive. Horizontal design on the grill, horizontal lines marking the opening on the wall and horizontal shape of the windows on the upper floor, even the stones used to cover the façade are horizontal.

12. High wall of stone

Standing perpendicular to the facade is a grey stone wall that exceeds the height of the home and is providing the building a strong and sturdy reputation. The wall also divides and defines the home entrance from the garage gate made of grey metal.

13. Garage for two cars

The upper floor is well defined by thick concrete border in the shape of rectangle with half wood and half glass huge window covering the interior. Below it is a garage for two cars for the family.

​14. Different enclosures

There are two types of enclosure in this facade, a closed one for garage and the other with horizontal lines for home entrance and to provide ventilation and view. A little bit of greenery has been added in the unused part of the facade.

​15. For the love of nature

This is what the nature lovers would love to have in their facade. Green planters over the garage, sidewalks and then in the interior courtyard, greens will surely elevate the beauty of this facade and add colour in the grey facade.

If you want to know about the perfect colour for the facade of your home, then check this out: What is the perfect colour for the facade of my house?

What is your style of Facade? Do let us know.

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