7 ways to separate rooms in your home

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The living room finds its way right in the middle of a home, usually the first thing that is noticed upon entering and the last thing upon leaving. The problem with living rooms however is that they usually come in sizes that we do not anticipate- either it's too large or on the other side of the spectrum- too small. This is why we're taking up this opportunity to show you neat little tricks you can use to separate rooms in your home, without the use of walls that is. 

1. Glass dividers

If you are looking to divide the spaces in your home without the use of walls, then here's an idea for you. You could use glass dividers, bearing in mind that full transparency would cause quite a few accidents, which is why the architects have gone for a design such as this. 

2. Wooden structures

With wooden structures you can't really go wrong. This is attributed to the fact that they can serve multiple purposes including the likes of being a shelf or perhaps a showcase. 

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3. Subtle separators

When going for dividers, the point is to keep things subtle without overpowering the entire look of the rooms. We're trying to divide spaces without the need for big showy walls or separators. This divider achieves that for us as it allows for visibility while serving the purpose we want it to. 

4. Drywall

Drywall serves as an effective replacement for regular walls simply because they are lighter and easier to manage. With the right choice of colors, you can work wonders with it when it comes to separating spaces. 

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5. Behind bars!

Bars can work as a good replacement for walls if you work them right as is done in the following image. The idea is to avoid overpowering the room, by keeping things simple. 

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6. Wacky shelves

With creative shelves, you can do a lot. For starters, you can divide spaces effectively without having to resort to means that would burn a hole in your pocket. You could use the divides for multiple purposes such as a book shelf as well. 

7. Go outside the box

With creativity, you can achieve heights that you didn't know you were capable of reaching! This divider is a testament to creativity so maybe you should give this a try!

Which idea did you like best?

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