17 small but stylish and practical bathrooms

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With real estate prices skyrocketing like never before, more and more people are settling for small houses and apartments. Naturally, bathrooms are becoming smaller too. But there’s no reason why a small bathroom cannot be stylish, cosy and highly functional. The right planning of space, the right kind of furniture, ample lighting and tasteful colours can achieve the impossible. Check out these 17 bathrooms to get inspired.

1. Beautiful blue wall tiles and vintage floor

This classic style bathroom boasts of lovely blue tiles that cover half the walls and pretty patterned tiles on the floor for a vintage look.

2. Timeless in black and white

A solid white bathtub and other stylish fixtures contrast and balance the bold black mosaic in this bathroom beautifully.

3. Bright and spacious

Lavish use of white, neat designs, a window that brings in tons of sunlight and transparent shower partition make this bathroom spacious and bright. Credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at Espaces A Rever.

4. Geometric pizzazz on the floor

The 3D finish geometric tiles on the floor of this small bathroom make it a very trendy and unique space.

5. White-painted brick wall for rustic look

A brick wall painted in white, interesting posters on the smooth wall, trendy furniture and a quirky STOP sign make for an eclectic bathroom here.

6. Bold statement in green

The bright green sink unit in this otherwise white bathroom makes a lively statement and comes with drawers and shelves for easy storage.

7. Curvy sink unit

The curve of the sink unit lends the bathroom a very organic and exclusive look.

8. Integration of separate spaces

While the sink unit is right near the entrance, the sanitary wares and shower area are in a different room. The use of black, purple and wood visually integrates these spaces though.

9. Attic bathroom with sloping roof

Rendered in wood and soft hues, this spacious bathroom makes the most of the attic, while the sloping roof features a skylight to bring in sunlight.

10. Gorgeous wallpaper

The beautifully patterned wallpaper distracts our attention from the size of the bathroom effectively.

11. Elegant ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles in light colours on the wall lend tons of personality to this bathroom.

12. Visual connection with garden

The bathroom looks refreshing, thanks to the visual connection with the garden. Soft neutrals seal the deal further.

13. Warmth of rugs

The cosy wooden floor of this bathroom has been enhanced with soft rugs for great comfort.

14. A tiny yet super smart bathroom

The linear placement of the shower, the sink and the WC make this bathroom a very inviting and functional space. The wooden sink cabinet and the transparent shower door are stylish touches.

15. Lively tiles for the bathroom

We love how the wall above the sink unit has been lined with beautifully patterned ceramic tiles in orange, blue and grey.

16. Designer touch

Beautiful handmade tiles on the wall with the mirror and pretty baskets on the shelf make this bathroom a treat for the eyes.

17. Cherry red happiness

Though people think that using dark colours in a small bathroom is unwise, see how beautiful the cherry red wall looks against the white environments of this bathroom.

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