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10 window grille designs to protect your home (and they are beautiful!)

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Large glass windows are an excellent option for enhancing the aesthetics of your modern or minimalist house. However, they are not very safe as it’s easy for intruders to enter the home when the windows are opened during the day. Additionally, they reduce the privacy inside the rooms. Even at night, it’s easy for a burglar to break the glass and to enter your home.

Grilles can help to make glass windows more secure, and you can choose them in a design that complements the overall style of your house. Today, we show you images of 10 windows to give you some ideas on the various types of grilles that you can use in your house.

1. Vertical grilles with a horizontal rail in the middle

When you have a room with a fabulous view, you don’t want to spoil it, but you need to keep your home secure. A design, like this one, which has narrow vertical bars supported by a horizontal rail in the middle is a clever way to protect the area without obstructing the view.

2. A grid on a smaller window

For a smaller window, a grid of vertical and horizontal grilles will be perfect. Get help from a professional to decide on the ideal space between the bars so that your home stays safe without reducing the view from inside the house.

3. External reinforcement

This grille is similar to the design in the previous image, but this one is installed on the outer wall rather than the window frame. Sometimes, we neglect to think of safety while installing the windows during the initial stages of building the house, making it difficult to incorporate the grilles or bars into the frame at a later stage. In such cases, this design will present the perfect solution.

4. Horizontal grilles

In a space with a view of the garden, another option for optimizing the view with grilles is to have thin horizontal bars that resemble shutters.

5. Crisscross

While this design is more old-fashioned and reminiscent of windows grilles in old mansions or palaces, it can work well in a rustic or country-style house.

6. Sliding grilles

If you live in a relatively safe neighbourhood, where you don’t have to worry about leaving your windows open during the day, a design such as this one, where the grilles are installed on the frame of a sliding window, can work well.

7. Shutters for privacy

Sometimes, all you need is protection from the prying eyes of neighbours or pedestrians on the street outside your home. For this, shutters or blinds are ideal as they can be opened when you want to look outside and closed when you want privacy.

8. External frame with a motif

Once again, this is a design that can work when the grilles are added at a later stage than when the window frames are installed. To add to the aesthetics, you can get a custom design with a motif or pattern, so that the grille is beautiful and functional.

9. Artistic

Of course, you can think outside the box and design a grille that looks like a work of art. It will add a lot of style to the façade of your house.

10. Caged effect

For extra security and style, you can extend the grille along the side walls of your window and enclose it at the edge of the outer window sill. This unique design is eye-catching and elegant. It guarantees to add a stunning feature to your home, while keeping you safe.

Which of these solutions will be perfect for your home? Let us know in the comments.

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