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38 easy and simple garden ideas for small Indian homes

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Ever wondered how many different ways a garden can spin? If you answered no, then homify is here to save the day and leave you in awe of the many ideas it has to offer. From rustic ideas, to stellar ones this ideabook visits them all! 

1. A pool right at the center of the house

2. A bed of pebbles for your pots

3. How about some peace and serenity, the Buddha way?

4. Out in the open with a couple of chairs

5. A bed of rocks to uphold the garden

6. A Zen garden right in the open

7. One for the sidewalk

8. A garden with a relaxing armchair

9. One for the water lovers

10. A pathway leading to the garden

11. A simple old bench to watch the wilderness do its thing

12. A spiral garden to welcome guests

13. Another Zen garden is calling out to you

14. A small garden against the wall

15. A garden with brick walled pots

16. Use pots of varied shapes and sizes

17. Ain't this a pocket full of sunshine?

18. Use bricks to create containers of varied shapes and sizes

19. A garden on the terrace can also work wonders for you

20. Don't leave out the windows!

21. A hammock for the view!

22. Don't restrict the garden to the outdoors, make do with all the space available to you

23. Highlight the garden with a mix of shrubs and plants

24. Make your very own garden right in any groove you find

25. Let's welcome some peace in the bathroom as well

26. Make use of bonsai at the entrance for a long lasting impact

27. Divide and conquer with the help of pebbles and grass

28. The space beneath the window makes for a lovely garden

29. A garden running along the aisle

30. The mud can also be used as an article of decoration

31. A garden bed right in the comfort of your bathroom

32. Colored pebbles make for an excellent bed

33. The corners are also a great place to cultivate a garden

34. Don't let any space go to waste!

35.An entrance which plays with colors and textures

36.Place pots and plants on the aisles for the best feeling

37. The terrace is also an excellent place to create a garden

Tell us which one you liked!

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