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10 clever home storage ideas for a small apartment

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With space at a premium in city apartments—the need of the hour is:  to cleverly manage home storage space. Sometimes, coming up with innovative solutions might seem mind boggling and difficult. Don’t worry, homify is here to help you deal with exactly these precise home storage problems, giving you easy to implement solutions for that small apartment you just bought, or an old one to put in order. Storage space can never be enough, it always seems that the more you have, the more you need. If you combine practical home storage ideas with clever implementation, you can win a great deal of space and peace of mind as well. Here in this ideabook we showcase 10 clever home storage ideas for small apartments. We hope they will inspire you…

Low sideboard

Coming up with workable home storage solutions is not everyone’s cup of tea. Incredibly unattractive sounding, home storage seems like a mundane task. It seems to do with stacking away things in huge closets never to be seen again. This example here proves that home storage can also be stylish and fun. Designed by furniture manufacturer USM, the sideboards, cabinets and shelves come in bright colours like yellow or acid green and can be ordered based on the size of the space. In small living rooms, a flat sideboard is highly recommended where a few books or magazines can be tucked into the shelves, and a few decorative elements like lamps or accessories from a special trip can be vividly displayed.

A simple upcycling idea

Unused industrial barrels can be easily transformed into sleek bathroom furniture with minimum fuss. This piece designed by studio 12 furniture designers, can be reused in other living spaces as well. It can be used as a bookshelf, flower pot, or even a small bar. Owing to being fitted with wheels, it is extremely flexible and can move around the home, to suit many requirements. Observe here how beautifully the towels and toiletries have been stacked to give a pleasing look.

Optical illusions

South London Apartment Modern living room by Bhavin Taylor Design Modern
Bhavin Taylor Design

South London Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

A small room doesn’t mean that creativity has to take a beating. This brightly colour popping apartment in central London, is an apt example of how one can make most of minimum space. Simple tricks like bright colours, and large wall fitted mirrors give the room optical depth, and make it seem much larger than it actually is.

Fold away

minimalist  by AMBIVALENZ, Minimalist Plywood

Fläpps Shelf 80x80x3 – White


Once again, we see here that simple design does the trick—a folding shelf built in plywood and coated with white laminate attached to the wall. Extremely elegant when folded back, on folding out, it provides shelf space for flower pots and a few books. Bringing in an artistic touch to the space.

Beautiful partition

As the famous saying goes,”less is more” it always seems inevitable, the tinier the space the more creative the solution. Here we see an example, how a beautiful partition converts a small room into two elegant spaces, a sleeping space, and a living space. A tried and tested solution; a well designed partition is sufficient to provide all the privacy required to a bedroom, yet when closed, provides an atmosphere conducive to a cosy living room.

The perfect roommate

Having a small apartment is already a constraint to live with. But even if this space gets cluttered all around, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Books and magazines lying all over the floor makes the atmosphere of a small apartment even more miserable. With a simple organisational furniture piece like this, the room suddenly seems to put on a more playful charm, besides being a great idea for saving space. The cute little black sheep turns out also to be a great companion to have at home, for people who love animals, but don’t have the time and patience to take care of them; indeed the perfect room mate.

Integrated seating

No living room in sight? Then this idea of an integrated living area in the kitchen seems like an easy and elegant solution. A small niche in the kitchen can be quickly converted to a favourite meeting spot in the house. With a medium-sized couch tossed with a few soft cushions, it definitely will bring back that living room charm into your apartment. Go ahead and try it out.


Sometimes it doesn't make sense to have long side boards in the living room when it's not the need of the hour. A free-standing elegant desk like this one, with a large shelf and a display shelf should do the trick. It is sufficient to store some glasses or plates in the dinning room, or a couple of books in a study.

Elevated bed

Storage under the bed doesn't have to be hidden and messy. Neatly stacked boxes below a bed, can look extremely elegant and surprising at the same time. The bed here has been elevated to make some storage space in the bedroom, the sleeping area gets its own private sphere due to the difference in floor levels. Here one can climb into this cosy little kingdom every night, into a world of fun-filled dreams.

Fold-out desk

When space is at a premium in a bedroom, every effort must be made to make the room feel spacious and airy. Work surfaces must be as unobtrusive as possible.  A perfect example where design and function merge to form a beautiful piece of furniture. This little fold-out desk uses minimum space, with an integrated power supply and a  footprint of 0.09 m² when stacked away, this fold out working surface cant get more efficient. It is extremely elegant looking, and practical for light writing at the same time. Space saved is so often money saved.

We hope these simple home storage examples inspired you, if you would like to see more examples on home storage solutions take a look at this idea book on smart clothes storage ideas.

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