25 small gardens to inspire you to renew yours soon

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The garden is an important part of a house, since it brings us in contact with nature, creating a pleasanter atmosphere within the home. We don’t always have space for a garden in our home, and considering this, today we bring you 25 ideas of small gardens that you will surely love. You can take inspiration from them to renew any corner of your home with beautiful plants and accessories that will create a small green area that contributes to the overall well-being of your family members, besides adding to the aesthetics of your house. Join us as we take you through these images.

1. An extension of the façade

Integrating a planter into the facade, allows us to create an additional green area to welcome us when we arrive at the house. This extension helps to facilitate contact with nature and brings a touch of green to the overall design of the home. It’s a simple and easy-to-achieve idea, which adds to the aesthetics of a modern house.

2. Contrasts

A small garden area can stand out with an imaginative design. Creating contrasts is an excellent way to make a garden look stunning, as we see in this design, where different shades of green are used against the black gravel and the three stepping stones in mustard.

3. High planter

Having a raised pot or planter helps us to create enough space for a mini garden, which we can place against a window, so we can enjoy seeing it from both inside and outside.

4. In a small corner

A small corner can act as a garden, allowing us to grow some plants in the space. This creates a garden that is protected on two sides, and can be used to highlight the walls that surround it, depending upon the plants we use.

5. Flower pots

Having a few pots, allows us to create a garden area, without much effort and investment. Here, the idea is to choose the pots that we like the most, and to grow our favourite plants in them.

6. Interior garden

If we are lucky enough to have a small outdoor space, which is connected to a room, it is imperative to make the most of it by having some plants in it, as they enhance the richness of the environment and allow an integration with nature without stepping out of the room.

7. Desert

For a house in an arid and hot region, the best option is to use cacti plants, which are more resistant to the desert-like conditions. They also add an exotic touch to the garden.

8. Without vegetation

Not everything in the garden needs to be based on vegetation. You can also use elements such as stones, concrete or cement to beautify the garden, by creatively combining these elements with the plants and flowers.

9. Taking advantage of space

There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to taking advantage of any space. You can use it for planting, as seen in this image, in which the space under the access ramp has been used to design a beautiful garden.

10. Zen garden

A very popular style for a small space is the Zen garden, which is of oriental origin. It uses a combination of the textures between stones, vegetation and wood, to create a calming and minimalist effect.

11. Anywhere is good

Any space can be used for a tiny garden, which can be adorned with plants that capture attention, like this small box that houses a beautiful palm. It contributes to the unique personality of the building.

12. Small and simple

Simple pots contained in a wooden box, can create a mini garden that can be used either inside or outside. It will add great charm to any space where it is placed.

13. Vertical

A vertical garden is defined not only by the type of plant species that can be grown on the wall, but also the structures that allow plants and flowers to be held vertically. With the right system, the range of vegetation that can be used in a vertical garden can increase considerably.

14. With climbing plants

Why limit yourself to the ground? The walls can also be used for vertical gardens, thanks to the large variety of climbing plants that exist in the world. We can use them to create a green area on any surface.

15. Well delimited

The simple method of delimiting certain areas within the garden and using different textures, allow the space, however small it may be, to look phenomenal.

16. Simple and beautiful

This garden presents a similar concept to the previous one, but with a greater use of plants that provide a more intense green hue. However, the same pattern is followed of using stones as the ground covering, on which pots of various circular shapes are placed to give the space a distinct personality.

17. Modern and simple

Also, remember that a garden does not have to be full of plants, as this design shows us. It has a simple style that uses gravel and stones, with two pots containing bamboo, which make it easy to maintain.

18. Inside the house

We should not restrict ourselves with the thought that gardens should only be outside. You can have one in the side of the room, using indoor plants that grow in a small and well-designed garden.

19. Small but well-defined

The small garden area in front of the house can be used to the maximum, creating a design with a variety of colours and textures. The design that can simulate curves, with an organic character, dividing the garden area into segments, each of which can be filled with stones, pebbles and vegetation to create an interesting visual effect that highlights the entrance of the house.

20. A green area

Beautifying a front garden does not require the use of multiple elements or an intricate landscape design. Many a time, something simple, clean and unpretentious, but excellently executed, is all that is needed to have a green area that is appreciated both by the residents as well as visitors.

21. With little space

If you do not have much space in front of your house for a large green area, this should not limit you from having a beautiful front garden. A small linear planter, right on the edge of the property, can be used to add a touch of colour and vibrancy to the entrance of the house.

22. For arid spaces

Not all homes are set in a place that has the climate for green meadows and gardens. In India, we have some desert areas with unique beauty. Gardens with stones can be created in such areas by growing plants typical to the desert.

23. Modern minimalism

For those who love modern minimalism and an elegant design, this stone garden is ideal. How about, for example, a sophisticated garden in the yard, which does not use grass and creates a distinguished place in the open air.

24. With an English touch

Do you want a low-maintenance rock garden, but one that has lush vegetation and colourful flowers? Then, a replication of this English-style garden is perfect, because it creates a more idyllic image of the stone garden.

25. Japanese style

We say goodbye with this design idea that follows the pure Japanese style, where you can have dense and varied vegetation in a small area, resembling a mini forest and adding a touch of personality to your home.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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