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The trendy ideas of home decoration to follow in 2018

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The year 2018 is all set to bring in colourful delight and cozy and warm trends that will revive the traditional charm and fill the modern homes with fresh energy and new zest. The latest trend that has gained International acclaim is all about textures, exclusive colour combination and a classic touch to the modern interior. Fine blend of contemporary, traditional, industrial tone, patterns and designs in its exotic form is what we are looking forward to seeing in modern homes in 2018. Today we have brought for you the trends that are to be followed to make your home fashionably new in 2018.

1. Brightening up the home

Traditional lamps with a modern twist will be the trend to be followed in 2018. Lights will become alive with intricate and elaborate designs that will bring stunning sophistication and enliven the home.

Living Room homify Modern living room

Living Room


​2. Warmth of colour

Soft neutral tones will be replaced by the warm and welcoming shades that will have the power to make the space lively and vibrant. The rainbow of colours will spread into the home in the form of fabric, walls, and accessories to announce the arrival of 2018.

​3. The wallpaper

Krsna mehta designer wallcoverings Wall Art Private Limited Classic style walls & floors Silver/Gold Amber/Gold
Wall Art Private Limited

Krsna mehta designer wallcoverings

Wall Art Private Limited

The wallpaper is quite popular and widely used for its versatility, beauty and colours it brings to the room. Lots of experimentation can be done with wallpapers. The designer trend for wallpaper in 2018 is colourful with exotic themes that will transport you to a different place. Its decoration should be to bring in joy and playfulness into the space.

Botany in living room Pixers Tropical style living room

Botany in living room


​4. Carvings on the roof

The layered and plain roofs have become boring and obsolete. Next year will revive the traditional carving on the roofs or the wide wooden beams with a modern twist to it.

5. Geometric pattern on the floor

Simple ceramic tiles or plain marble floor will get replaced by the geometric pattern on the flooring tiles with lots of different texture and material to add warmth to it. You can also add pattern with the carpet.

Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida Design Essentials Modern living room Plywood Beige
Design Essentials

Villa at Jay Pee Greens Greater Noida

Design Essentials

6. Modern and stylish kitchen

"Life should be chic, glamorous and colorful - and so should your home." FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd Modern kitchen
FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd

Life should be chic, glamorous and colorful—and so should your home.

FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd

The colourful trend will continue in 2018 for the kitchen but now it will be designed and the choice of colour will be modern and sophisticated with stylish look. Metallic shine will also dominate the kitchen and black will be the new colour that will gain popularity.

7. ​Marble love

Marble will remain a favourite choice for the kitchen counter top for the elegance it brings in the kitchen.

​8. The designer wall

LIVING ROOM VIEW 2 homify Minimalist living room



The paradigm of wall decoration will shift from traditional coatings and painted texture to 3-D effect and wild paintings showing vivid imagination making it innovative and giving a cutting edge to it.

​9. The shine and natural subtle in the bathroom

The inventive design and experimentation with ideas will introduce an interesting and complex bathroom design for 2018. Play with mosaic tiles or keep it simple with earthy tones and natural materials, choice will be yours.

Despande's Residence Nuvo Designs Modern bathroom
Nuvo Designs

Despande's Residence

Nuvo Designs

​10. Nature into your home to rejuvenate you

Indoor garden is one thing that is the demand of modern days and will never go out of style. It was trendy in 2017 and before that too and will remain so in 2018. In addition to the freshness it brings, it is great for decoration too. If anything you want to change in your home in 2018, design and gift an indoor rejuvenation spot for your family and yourself.

Mahajans Lounge in DLF 4, Gurugram Grecor Modern walls & floors

Mahajans Lounge in DLF 4, Gurugram


11. The colour trends

Orange Living Room homify Modern living room

Orange Living Room


Vastu shastra has gained immense popularity and people have started following the principles to bring home happiness and prosperity. Follow the trend and choose the colours for your home based on the principles of Vastu.

​12. The golden touch

Gold is the symbol of elegance and adds luxury to the interior. Decorate your home with golden tones in the art and atifacts. It will look stunning.

13. Integration of space

Modern homes are all about integrating space in style. Gone are the days when walls separated and defined the rooms. The trend that will widely be popular and followed in 2018 by the modern families will be a common social space where there will be no walls dividing it.

​14. Natural fibres

Natural fibre will be in fashion for home decoration in 2018. Peoples have been showing an inclination towards the natural fibres and rustic charm. It will soon be a trend. Bedroom will become more personal and intimate space with natural fibre and traditional furniture with natural feel and texture in it.

​15. Traditional and classy

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


From contemporary and chic the preference will shift towards traditional and classy. 2018 is all about returning to your roots and reinventing and reviving our tradition and past.

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Which of these trend will you follow in 2018? We are waiting to hear from you.
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