15 bathroom images for your home in 2018

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Bathrooms are often the most underestimated rooms in a home. Many people forget that this is where they relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day. The bathroom is also a space where you bathe and get ready to face a new day! So, it is natural that bathrooms should be aesthetically appealing, functional as well as comfortable. To inspire you for the New Year, here are 15 stylish bathrooms, each with a personality of its own.

1. Warm and rustic

Wood for the floor and wall, and wicker baskets make this compact bathroom warm and earthy. The tallish mirror, the trendy sanitary fixtures and the soft lighting add to the attractive look. Credit goes to the interior architects at Angelina Alekseeva.

2. Magic with tiles

Tiles with floral prints and bright blue mosaic tiles make a stunning statement in this otherwise simple and modern bathroom. The neat fixtures and ample white light make this a comfy space.

3. Bathroom with a view

Sliding glass doors right next to the shower open up this beautiful bathroom to a lovely garden. This bathroom receives ample sunlight, has fashionable sanitary wares and a rustic stone wall.

4. Dark and mysterious

Natural grey stones and ultramodern fixtures lend this bathroom a rustic yet very modern look. The marble sink unit and the soft lighting make for a mysterious feel.

5. A wall of character

Gorgeously veined marble makes for a classy wall in this contemporary and bright bathroom. The wooden sink unit is a warm touch.

6. It’s all in the lighting

Magical green and white lights help highlight the textured walls of this small yet lovely bathroom. The neat sanitary wares and the bed of pebbles under the sink are very eye-catching.

7. Eclectic rejuvenation

Thanks to the beautifully patterned floor tiles, brick wall and modern fixtures, this eclectic bathroom is a treat for the senses. Subdued lighting adds to the romantic ambiance.

8. Modern and inviting

Dark wood and soft whites and greys make for a classy look in this bathroom. The lighting is ample yet soothing and the mirror is a stunner.

9. Quirky is in

If you want your bathroom to stand out from the rest, gather inspiration from this narrow but beautiful space. A bold red ceiling, a curvy wall panel, a circular mirror and cosy lighting make this bathroom truly special.

10. Truly rustic

Natural wood, pebbles embedded in concrete and lively green vines make this rustic bathroom a breathtaking affair. Even the WC features customised prints of grass to match the design and decor here. It’s almost like bathing in the forest!

11. Minimal yet elegant

Raw concrete walls lend a unique simplicity and minimalism to this spacious bathroom. Golden indirect lighting and fashionable sanitary wares add to the appeal.

12. Classy in white and grey

The white and grey colour palette of this bathroom is indeed classy and soothing too. The gorgeous tiles behind the WC steal the show here.

13. Beauty of brick tiles

Neat white brick tiles make the bathroom walls modern, bright and clean-looking. There is ample light and the wooden sink unit lends warmth.

14. Simple luxury

Grey stone tiles have been creatively used to make this compact bathroom simple yet luxurious. But the rain shower and the wall showers are the chief highlights when it comes to relaxed bathing.

15. Saying it with mosaic

Black and white mosaic tiles make a very powerful statement in this simple and sleek bathroom. The dark floor and the bright white walls combine to create the perfect setting for rejuvenation. The large mirror on the right lends illusion of spaciousness.

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