6 Awesome South India inspired home decor ideas!

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Vannakam! Namaskaram! Often called as the enchanted land, South India is known for its rich heritage, culture, art, and temples. A South Indian's simplicity is reflected in their home decor. Wide, open spaces often feature minimalist and rustic wooden furniture. The ornate carvings on these wooden pieces gives your room a regal appearance. It is reminiscent of temple architecture that brings distinct appeal to your home. Plush colours are introduced with vibrant cushions and mattresses. You can create a harmonious blend of light and shadow to bring a sense of tranquility into your home. Here are some examples for a South India inspired home decor.

A Heavenly Welcome

To form a strong and lasting first impression, a home needs some divine intervention. What better place to keep a religious idol than the entrance? This example features a brass Ganesha idol with lamps on either side. The overturned lamp brightens up the space in the evenings. 

Go Green

To bring a fresh and healthy environment to your garden space, you can add plants. Here, the entryway is covered with fresh plants on either side. It instantly breathes life and energy into your home. 

of beams and pillars

Traditional ancestral homes spell understated style and beauty. The best way to incorporate that is to add wooden beams and pillars to give it an ethnic appeal. This outdoor space features dark wooden roof and pillars that adds character. The strong stone pillar features intricate markings that further enhance its appearance.


The one thing a South Indian holds close to heart are their temples. Deeply rooted in culture, every South Indian home has a Pooja room where one prays, finds inner peace, tranquility, and enlightenment. In this example, the centre of the Pooja room features a stunning Tanjore painting of Lord Balaji. The use of brocade silk details on the false ceiling brings an aesthetic appeal to the room. 

for whom the bell tolls

A South Indian home is incomplete without a bell. It is either tastefully and strategically placed at the entrance as an alternate doorbell or in the confines of a Pooja room. 

Swing away

South Indian decor involves the use of traditional metal or wooden swings called unjal. You can decorate these unjals with mattresses and cushions in vivid colours. They are a welcome respite from heavy couches and sofa sets, making them a favourite among kids and elders alike. 

Warm radiance

The perfect way to instantly liven up your room or outdoor space is to add diyas. Here, the diyas placed on the porch radiates a warm glow. The entire space is drowned in the calming yellow light. 

Art Attack

No South Indian home is complete without a traditional Tanjore painting or mural. These paintings mostly feature divine Gods and Goddesses. Studded with precious stones, gems, and gold details, these Tanjore paintings add an aesthetic and cultural appeal to your home. Take a look at our expert Sheevia designs profile for more on Tanjore paintings and murals 

The Climb

Wooden stairways always gives one the idea of traditional ancestral homes. It easily forms the centre of attraction in homes. With a generous use of yellow lights, you can bring out the regal beauty of wooden stairs. For more ideas on wooden stairway treatments, check out this ideabook.

Flower Power

Traditionally used as cooking pots in the olden days, the uruli is fast becoming a home decor item in every South Indian home. The uruli is filled with water and decorated with fragrant blooms or scented candles to give a welcoming ambience to your home. 

The Classic Diwan

A predominant feature in every South Indian home, the diwan is low-seat design that brings a warm and cozy allure to a room. It is decorated with colourful throw cushions and bolsters. These diwans are a welcome change from sofas and couches, making it a wonderful hang-out spot for conversations over piping hot kaapi, idlis, and wadas. 

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