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Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it stylish and functional. Since most blogs and magazines feature huge and luxurious bathrooms, most homeowners neglect to decorate a tiny bathroom and write it off as a lost cause. However, on homify, we present a fair share of small bathrooms, some of which are designed so cleverly that they will inspire you.

Today, we have put together five examples of bathrooms, which, despite their tiny size, are extremely fashionable. They are also functionally flawless. You will see a range of styles, each of which appeals to different tastes, but all are aesthetically appealing.

1. Cheerful colour and warm lighting

As our first example, we chose a bathroom with an amorphous structure that has hardly any natural light, but still looks nice as it has brightness within. Let’s take a closer look at how this has been achieved.

Firstly, colours and lighting have been chosen to convey the effect of daylight. In rooms that don’t have much sunlight, we recommend the use of vivid yellow as it is ideal for bringing warmth and vibrancy to the room. Along with LED bulbs, it can be used to replicate the illumination provided by natural daylight. If you think that yellow would overpower the small room, you can use it on just one wall.

Shape is another important factor that defines the character of a room. Nowadays, you can find sanitary ware in a range of brands and varieties, including irregular shapes. Use one of these for the bathtub, shower tray or sink to infuse the room with a distinct personality.

2. Dark colours in a small bathroom

In general, light colours are recommended for small spaces, but this does not mean that you should completely avoid dark shades. Some dark tones can create a dignified and elegant air in a bathroom and are a popular choice with many people. If you use them correctly, dark colours can bring a peaceful ambiance to a small modern bathroom. If necessary, you can create a bold contrast with subtle colours and lighting elements so that the colour doesn’t make the space seem dark and gloomy.

3. Transparent shower cabins

Another suggestion that is very effective for small bathroom areas, is the use of a completely transparent shower cabin. Since this cabin has an openness that does not take away from the space, it fulfils the criteria of aesthetics and functionality in a flawless manner. The glass wall does not shrink the bathroom visually. If you are worried about the marks left by water stains on the glass, all you need to do is to choose a cabin with a water-repellent surface. Alternatively, you can use a regular squeegee to mop up water splashes every time you shower, so that the cabin is always clean and stain-free.

4. Natural lighting

If you can do so, including a large window in your bathroom is an absolute must. Most bathrooms have a small window that brings in light and helps to ventilate the space. Using a big window does mean compromising on privacy, but you can use curtains and blinds to cover it. Alternatively, you can include a skylight in the bathroom.

5. Draw attention away from the small size

Our final recommendation is for a bathroom that is very small, doesn’t have natural light and is too narrow. Adding an eye-catching feature can completely distract attention from the negatives of the tiny space. In this eclectic bathroom, this is done with a multi-coloured background wall with geometric patterns as well as a huge mirror on the side wall that reflects the room to make it look twice as large.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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