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20 ideas that will make your little patio look pretty

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Sometimes we believe that by having a small outdoor space, we are limited in design issues to make it beautiful; however, we are wrong: a small patio can look nice, if you know how to take advantage of the space and learn a couple of essential tips. 

That is what this book of ideas is about, to share several tips on how to fix your small patio and how to get the most out of it and enjoy it to the fullest. You will see that you do not need a lot of budget or need to buy the most expensive things, but creativity, recycling some things is enough. So, pay attention and get to work!

1. Potted plants on the wall

One of the most valuable tips to optimize the space to the maximum is the distribution of furniture and the elements that you include in your patio. The most recommended is the distribution in L or U perimeter. The pots and planters, for example, will look fabulous attached to the wall. You can play with various sizes of pots and create your own green wall! Use your creativity!

2. To delimit the space with nature and to use furniture made of natural materials. Everything in harmony

Another way to integrate nature in your small yard is by delimiting with shrubs, plants or trees. This, at the same time sets limits, offers privacy and looks wonderful! A practical way to include nature on your terrace or patio!

3. Include wood, a noble element that always looks good

If you want your patio to be comfortable and relaxing , you can create a cozy atmosphere by placing furniture and perhaps a wooden floor. Planters, pots and good lighting should not be overlooked as well. 

4. A Zen-inspired entrance courtyard

If you have always been attracted to oriental gardens, one option is to give your little patio, either in front of your facade or the backyard, a Zen image. You only have to get stones of different sizes and above all, white pebbles. The bushes must be small. In addition, a small fountain, sand and wooden elements should never be missing.

5. Respect nature and create around it to create a cozy corner. Do not forget the lighting…

6. Stones on the floor and wooden slabs mark a small path

7. Tile (instead of grass or dirt) and only some shrubs or flowers

If you want a minimalist patio, the ideal is not to saturate it. Only a few flowers or a tree will be necessary to achieve this style. To make it look shiny and elegant, place tiles on the floor covering the whole yard. Fortunately, the varieties in the market are wide and you can choose from a myriad of tile designs. Neutral colors always look best though. 

8. A wooden pergola

9. Beach inspiration

Have you thought about this idea? Create a beach garden in your own home! You need pebbles or gravel, sand, wood and you can create your own pool (or buy a small one). You will need a little time and patience, but it's easy. Try it!

You can also create a small pond in your garden if you want, here's how: one-day DIY patio garden pond.

10. An elongated patio is no excuse for not making it a place for rest

11. A green wall

Green walls are fashionable and fortunately fit in any space, both indoors and outdoors Dare to put one in your yard!

12. Plants on the shore and the center, area to enjoy

13. A green entrance courtyard with shrubs for a fresh welcome!

For more ideas and inspiration, you can refer to: 7 ways to a better patio.

14. Gravel, small shrubs and two chairs… a small patio to relax is ready!

15. Lawn throughout the yard!

16. Benches and concrete furniture

Benches and concrete furniture are a trend for the coming year of 2018. 

17. An awning

Not only does the awning look modern and fabulous, it protects the patio from wind, sun and rain. It is an easy, practical and modern option. They are available in various colors, materials and shapes. You can look for a specialist in awnings in your locality or browse through various awning designs on homify.  

18. Floors that attract attention

19. Wood at its best

Wood is an easy material to get and it is not so expensive, depending on the type of wood you choose. In addition, with it you can do all kinds of things and you can furnish and decorate your garden using only wood. Benches, planters, wall shelves and pergolas can all be made from wood! Do not you love this idea a little? Let's do it!

20. An organic garden

An option to make your little patio or terrace look beautiful is to place planters with your favorite spices or herbs. Not only will they look great, but you can use them in the kitchen too. An organic garden in your own home! Would not you love it a little? Here we tell you how to create one: 10 essentials for starting a vegetable garden at home.

Which small patio design idea do you like best? 

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