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21 gardens that you should take a look at if your house is small

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Today, we present you with some small garden ideas for houses with minimal space. Do not miss this book of ideas where we are about to show you more than two dozen little gardens, each of them with fabulous qualities to imitate, so that you can finally have the garden of your dreams.

We have taken special care to highlight the most emblematic qualities of the following gardens, so concentrate on paying attention and let your imagination fly. 

1. Differentiate sizes

With the taller plants against the wall and the grass well trimmed to the center, this little garden has triumphed.

2. Limited trees

The best quality of this tiny garden is that it controls the leafy vegetation very well, so it does not exceed a couple of trees.

3. L distribution

If the vegetation had not been folded to a corner, this garden would not be enjoyed so much. It even has space to walk!

4. Hanging wall garden

For this garden it was not an impediment that there are no surfaces available on the floor , because it hangs wonderfully from the wall.

5. Strategic point

The small size of this garden helped it fit into a strategic point, which was the middle of the stairs. Thank you, littleness!

For more ideas and inspiration, here are 20 pictures of small gardens under the stairs.

6. Green center

When the garden is tiny it fits everywhere, even the center of the external area; It looks great and does not steal much space.

7. Hang up so as not to disturb

This garden should not be an obstacle race to get out of the house, it's better to hang your pots so there's enough space to walk without too many potted plants on the floor being in the way. 

8. Wooden path

This small but beautiful garden is shown in two parts because the center has the joy of having a wooden walkway, and that is its great quality.

9. Green corner

Although tiny, the corner that houses this garden shows us that with ingenuity it is possible to have a little greenery even in the smallest house.

10. 50cm diameter

We could not miss the brilliant design of this mini garden: it fits in less than one square meter!

11. Green triangle

Better said, little green triangle, because the  proximity of this garden with the main entrance limits it, although it does not seem to affect it.

12. Garden inside pots

The arrangement of the pots, despite how small they are, is the great quality of this garden, it's really impressive!

13. Balanced arrangement

This little garden is nicely spaced out… with a few potted plants on the floor, wall and shelves, this garden has a perfectly balanced arrangement. 

14. Strategic wall

In this garden,  the wall not only delimits it, it is also a great help, since the plants that do not fit in the area can hang from it.

15. Everything in miniature form

This  small garden was not complicated to create due to its size and all its miniature plants. What a great decision!

Here are 10 tropical perennial plants for small gardens for your reference. 

16. Company when walking

In spite of being small, this garden makes a phenomenal company to the corridor, besides it does not take away much space from the corridor. 

17. A unique atmosphere

Here we will not highlight a detail but a set, and that is that each element of this garden makes it look small but wonderful. It has everything!

18. Earth and sky

This garden is fabulous, it has greenery on the ground and hanging greenery!

19. Extreme neatness

In this beautiful garden there is no imperfection whatsoever. Everything is in place and that helps the small area get the most out of it.

20. Fabulous harmony

The greatest quality of this garden is the repetition of the vegetation, because it creates a phenomenal harmonious design.

21. Double ration

With this garden we decided to close, because although it is small, it is divided in two parts, making it seem bigger than it is and filling up and greening the space outside the house nicely. 

We hope the ideas here have been helpful. For more inspiration, you can refer to our article titled '17 small gardens that fit anywhere in your house.'

Which small garden design do you like best? 
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