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6 common mistakes to avoid in the balcony garden

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For the city dwellers living in high-rise apartments or flats, the only opportunity to fulfill their gardening desire is by creating a balcony garden. Big or small, it is the only open space available. But believe us you don’t need much space to create a beautiful terrace garden in your flat. All you need is little time and investment and lots of love and patience to tender the plants and make your garden bloom. Today we have come up with 6 common mistakes that we unknowingly do in our balcony garden. Avoid them and watch your beautiful garden flourish.

1. Properly planned Garden

modern Garden by Cue & Co of London
Cue & Co of London

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London

Cue & Co of London

Plan before you start making your garden. Believe us; balcony garden needs more planning and execution to make it attractive and flourishing. Start by defining the space. Select the plants and pots accordingly. If you want to include climbers in your garden, make room for it to climb. Avoid overcrowding the garden. Leave some space to keep garden chairs or make some sitting arrangements so that you can enjoy your garden. Place the plants strategically and add accessories to the garden to make it beautiful. Show your aesthetic sense and make it a visual treat.

2. Choose the right plants

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Balcone /terrazzo


Obviously we are not expert to know what plants are best for our balcony. But at least we can do some research and take guidance from the gardener of the nursery before buying the plants. Make the right choice. The selection of plants should be based on the amount of sunlight received in your balcony and region’s climatic condition.

The amount of sunlight received in the balcony depends a lot in its direction. A south facing balcony will receive ample sunlight and north facing will receive insufficient. East and west facing balconies will receive medium light. So the selection of plants should be accordingly.

Choose the plants that will fit into your balcony. Oversize plants in your small garden will ruin the beauty of the garden and after sometime it will become difficult to handle it in the balcony.

Add variety and greenery in your garden. Plant annuls or biennials flowering plants and let it spread its beauty, colour and fragrance in your balcony. You can also go for ornamental plants, it will look great.

​3. Watering the plants

 Terrace by decoraCCion

Vive la terraza. Foto: Patricia Gallego para Mí Casa. HEARST magazines I España.


Over-watering or under-watering, both are harmful for plants especially when in pots. Over-watering will rot the roots and under-watering will dry the plants. Do the knuckle test to find out whether the soil is dry or not before watering the pots. Stick your finger into the soil up to the second knuckle to feel the dryness of the soil. If it feels dry, water it. But don’t give it too much of water. Stop watering when you see the water dripping from the drainage hole of the pots. During summers plants may require regular watering. During monsoons and winters it is quite possible that it won’t require at all or may be once in a week.

4. Pots for plants

Check the drainage and the size of the pots before buying. Drainage system is very important for balcony garden. Stagnant water will rot the roots and spoil the plants. Also choose the right size pots. The size of the pot should depend on the size the plants will attain when fully grown up. If you see the roots coming out of the pot then it’s time to change the pot or it will have an adverse affect on the growth of the plants.

5. Missing out on fertilizers

Mr & Mrs Pannerselvam's Residence:  Terrace by Muraliarchitects

Mr & Mrs Pannerselvam's Residence


This is a common mistake we do simply because of our ignorance. Even if there is sufficient soil in the pots still it needs supplements and nutrients. Fertilizers are exactly for it and are easily available in the market. You can choose from the container fertilizers specially meant for pot plants or opt for compost which is eco-friendly and organic. Adding fertilizers is essential as it is the only way to replenish the soil.

6. Pruning and weeding

Balcony makeover - English:  Terrace by Studio Earthbox
Studio Earthbox

Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

Unkempt garden is repelling. Spend some time in your garden and keep it clean and free from weeds and pest. Weeds will rob the soil and plants of its nutrients. Check out your plants of any pests’ infestation too. Keep the garden clean and pruned and be a proud owner of a beautiful balcony garden.

Check out this ideabook and get some ideas to make your small balcony look spectacular: 16 Ideas for making your small terrace look spectacular

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