5 gorgeous Indian homes (with floor plans) that will inspire you to build your own house

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Everyone dreams of building their own home… a beautiful house that includes every little detail they want. However, many homeowners end up disappointed with the way their house turns out. Having a house plan with all the elements outlined is essential for ensuring that your home is built exactly how you envisaged it. It should be a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

In this article, we bring you images of 5 lovely homes with floor plans that you can use to build your house. They will help you to understand the cruciality of a good house plan and how to distribute spaces efficiently, or to connect them cleverly. Get inspired by these modern house designs and plans to start building your new home or renovating an old one.

1. Efficient design

Following a traditional approach to design, this house plan has clearly demarcated spaces for the social area, three big bedrooms and two bathrooms. Although the living, dining and kitchen are set in an open layout, the plan outlines the exact amount of space reserved for each area.

Stylish interiors

As you can see, the social space is designed as a long rectangular area that has a stylish living room at one end and the kitchen at the other side, with the dining space linking the two areas. The walls have a neutral colour palette with white being predominant, so that the entire area looks large and airy.

2. Sophisticated two-storey house

This house is dreamy with elegant lines and a sense of lightness in the façade, contributed by ample use of glass. The spacious and charming terrace sets the bar for the clever design that you can expect to see within the house.

Top floor plan

A house plan in incomplete unless it outlines the placement of every piece of furniture, as only then do you get a complete picture of how each space will look once you arrange the beds, tables and chairs. This plan, which shows the top floor of the house, accomplishes this to perfection. Notice how each of the three bedrooms and their attached bathrooms are detailed?

Every little detail… this time on the ground floor

The result!

In the above plan, if you noticed the dining area with the diagonally placed table and the piano in the far corner across the room, you can see how the exact placement has been replicated in the final design. This is the advantage of using detailed house plans.

Beautifully finished

Now, you can understand how the sophisticated design was implemented, using the house plans as the reference to install the glass to bring natural light, to choose the right-sized furniture and to connect the interiors seamlessly with the terrace and the garden.

3. A charming single-family home

Here’s another well-designed two-storey single-family house that manages a perfect balance of stylishness and functionality in the social spaces as well as in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Stylish in the end!

Although you might notice minor variations from the original floor plans, the house looks trendy with the warmth of the brick façade contrasted by the coolness of the glass and the swimming pool. This proves that you don’t always need to follow a plan strictly. A bit of flexibility can bring a lot of style, and having a clear plan helps you to assess what needs to be changed.

4. Small but extremely functional

This plan proves that even a compact 87-sq.m. apartment can be efficiently designed by cleverly distributing the spaces. The house plan is easy to comprehend since it is colour-coded with a separate shade used to represent the outdoor areas, the social spaces and bedrooms, and the bathrooms.

Open design

As dictated by the floor plan, the social spaces are set in an open layout, where the living room, dining room and kitchen coexist comfortably without walls so that the home looks spacious.

Ease of movement

The furniture is cleverly placed so that the three areas are distinct but seamlessly connected without hindering movement from one space to another. The furniture and colours are simple and elegant, which creates a lovely modern look.

5. House plans of a small home

This example demonstrates the difference between a basic and a detailed house plan. You can see the second one clearly outlines the division of the space, right down to the placement of each piece of furniture. This is essential to ensure that the outcome is up to your expectations.

Well integrated

It has an open plan in which the kitchen is connected to the living area using a sophisticated design. The minimalist kitchen design does away with walls and uses white to contrast the warm brick and wood in the living area.

Beauty in simplicity

The social area is decorated with simple elements that enhance the modern style of the home. Additionally, the open design makes the small home look more spacious than it is.

Which of these plans will you use to build your house? Let us know in the comments.

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