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18 beautiful staircases for small houses – you can build them right now!

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Stairs are a very important part of any building as they are like a blood vessel connecting every organ of the house or the cable that ties together the structure from top to bottom. However, this space is often overlooked or becomes a storage area where all the junk is dumped. If you have such a staircase, you need to change it immediately to make it a beautiful and airy space!

If your house is not spacious, don’t worry! We have some interesting ideas and designs in the examples below to inspire you!

1. The trendy curve

This staircase is extremely modern with great light effects. The distance between the steps is small to ensure safety for the elderly as well as the young children. The space is so gorgeous that it’s ideal for selfie pics!

2. Furniture cum stairs

Traditionally, stairs go up and down to link floors, but this is an old way of thinking. Nowadays, stairs are multifunctional with other features such as desks or lockers built into them. This design is ideal for a narrow space!

3. Harmonious design

This design uses two materials, wood and metal. Additionally, the tone synchronizes with the rest of the home. Overall, using the brown wood tone is a lovely warm way to connect the indoor space.

4. Glass and metal

This spiral design is made of tempered glass to ensure absolute safety. The architectural style is inspired by the famous cartoon, Frozen. It’s elegant, refined and very usable!

5. Optimize the narrow space

Granite will enhance the shape and beauty of any stair design, even one that is extremely narrow. Do not forget to add a layer of anti-slip coating to ensure safety, especially due to unevaporated moisture from cleaning on a humid day.

6. Practical, sleek and a space-saving solution

Using the principle of the ladder is worth a try for stair construction because there are many advantages such as  low cost of construction, space saving and ease of installation. However, be aware of the safety aspects, as you will have the feeling of climbing trees every day.

7. Wooden stairs in the corner

Stairs in a small house are often quite narrow and ordinary, but that does not mean it does not need to be decorated. You can combine wood and lighting effects to have a charming  country-style design.

8. Straight stairs, without a fold

Wood is the inspiration for this simple and straight staircase. The colours are in a harmonious combination that makes your home look extremely pleasant and beautiful.

9. Stealthy stairs

This stealthy and beautiful staircase is so amazing! You will feel like flying because the steps are made from transparent toughened glass. Your house guests will be in awe of the surrealistic design, which when combined with LED lights make the area seem more spacious and bright.

10. Small and mysterious

An excellent combination of LED lights and wood is all it takes for this staircase to be a perfect vintage model. The moderately high stairs and lights make it easy to climb.

11. Piano keys

This staircase design is simple, but it is reminiscent of piano keys, with each note attached to a string. It’s small, beautiful and perfect! Wood combined with metals such as steel presents a very classy, elegant and refined look.

12. Pure and simple

Minimalist design is always great for a small space. A few dark lines and the sharp  handrail against the white walls give this staircase a lot of personality.

13. A bold experiment

This design represents both a challenge as well as boundless creativity! Leveraging a tiny corner, the funky wooden stairs look like they lead to the entrance of the elves' tree house. However, you should be very careful where you place your feet! Are you excited to conquer this challenge?

14. Stairs to the tower

This tricky little wooden staircase has a mysterious look, like it leads to the castle's tallest tower. It’s made from basic brown oak, which is highly durable and never goes out of fashion. To add a little modernity, glass handrails are fitted throughout to provide support in a subtle manner. Located in the corner, this modest and simple design is suitable for any home with a lot of space.

15. A new interesting experiment

When you have a small house, you need to expand your imagination to optimize space, like with this design. The simple wooden stair is combined with the effects of lights and natural sunlight through the glass walls with fancy motifs – definitely worth a try!

16. Luxurious and elegant

The two-tone combination of natural wood and white can never go wrong, as you can see in this design. Luxury and elegance are expressed in every little detail. With only a very small area, the curve of the staircase presents an interesting challenge every time you need to use it.

17. Absolutely simple

The most important thing to maintain in a home is comfort and a simple design, like this one. The spacious stairwell provides enough opportunity for a small room to function beside it.

18. Sterile white and flawless

In small spaces, white is the best option. It’s neutral, harmonious, catches the morning sun and makes an impression right from the first glance. The carpet with blue motif edging and the eye-catching paintings featured along the wall make this classic style always interesting.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Respond in the comments.

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