10 tricks to increase the value of your house

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If you have plans to sell your house in the future or invest it little by little so that it goes up in value, you must take into account that it is necessary to give constant maintenance to the building and facilities: painting at least once a year, both exterior and interior, check water pipes and wiring once a year, installation of gas and pipes every six months, reinforce structures and seal cracks whenever they appear, waterproof and insulate ceilings and walls, do gardening, repair damaged floors and slabs , etc. 

The truth is that maintaining a house in good condition is an endless task, but essential so that it does not lose its value. However, it is not the only thing you can do to maintain the value of your home, you can even increase it if you make some changes. These are small investments that can be scheduled throughout the year, so you do not decapitalize, and in the end you have a nicer house and, in the case of an appraisal to sell, inherit or mortgage, it has a higher price . We invite you to learn some of these tricks that, well planned, will not mean a heavy economic investment but an investment in the future for the benefit of your family. You can also refer to our article titled 'home remodeling ideas to add value to your property if it's more of what you're looking for. 

1. Integrate coatings

Bare walls are nice as long as you constantly maintain the paint finish and seal the cracks generated by the natural movements of the floor. However, the coatings look splendid and mean a higher level of quality in the finishes of a house, as long as you integrate them in key areas, do not carpet the whole house, it would be in poor taste!

A wall next to the main entrance, a fence, the edge of the garden, the wall of the main door or some wall of the lobby, will look great if you cover it with some ceramic tile or some tile of attractive design. For the surface in question, you will not need much material anyway. 

2. Includes details and finishes

Place new prints on the steps, or invest in maintenance that brings back the wood or the material it's made from to its original form. Install a modern and safe rail. Place a base color on the walls of the room and the dining room, or a molding along the sky above the dining room.

Some focal spots  in the lobby, a screen or lattice separating the dining room… simple and inexpensive details that will give a new look to your home.

3. Create a nice hall

You can invest in a new and special floor just for this area: an attractive design tile, a wooden or laminated floor, a mosaic of tiles…

Place a cute credenza and a mirror in front of the door, a glamorous pendant luminaire and some finish or special coating on one of the walls. This will virtually separate this area from the rest of the house, generating more space without the need to build a single wall.

4. Integrate a bar

On the edge of the room or next to the dining room, even on the terrace or patio, integrate a bar area. You don't necessarily have to build a bar with a kitchenette, you just need to integrate a plateau with shelves to place bottles and a couple of benches. Create the ambiance you desire, place an industrial or vintage cut luminary, some accessory to store glasses and a little art on the walls such as posters or serigraphs, and that's it!

5. Uniform appliances

Little by little, because it is a heavy investment, try to standardize the appliances you have in the kitchen, so that everything is either stainless steel, chrome, black, vintage style, rustic or minimalist.This will give the feeling that the design of the space was conceived as a whole from the beginning, a detail that is very valuable at the moment of perception. 

For more ideas and inspiration, here are 8 practical ideas that will add value to your kitchen.

6. Design a terrace

Even if you have a small patio or you just have some free space next to the garage or in the back of the house, you can make arrangements for it to look appealing and generate a new space that attracts a lot of attention: a terrace.

Install a pergola, either made of wood or steel, in the design that you prefer, and it should not be big, just covering the entrance of the house to the terrace is sufficient. You can cover the floor with wooden pallets, with a gravel bed or with compacted sand and place a fiber mat over it to give it a cozy touch. This extra zone at home will increase not only your value but the feeling of well-being as well. 

7. Pretty luminaries in the bathroom

The bathroom is often forgotten when thinking about investment and design, because when it works properly we do not think about whether it looks cute or lacks any decorative detail. However, when it comes to a house where much attention is paid: it should look clean, fresh, ventilated and well lit.

A good tip to increase its value is to include in the design a set of hanging lamps on the toilet or sink, in addition to the regular light in the ceiling. They are not expensive pieces, and will give the place a glamorous touch.

8. Include a laundry room

Prepare an area for cleaning and doing laundry at home. It can be the attic, the basement, a small room next to the kitchen, a well protected outdoor area or in the  garage. Install the necessary pipes and connections to place a washing machine, a dryer, sink,  and water heater. It will be an area of great convenience and that will optimize the time spent on activities that usually wear us down, more so if we have to move from one place to another.

9. Security

It is advisable to install a security system that provides confidence to potential buyers and the family. We are not only referring to installing fences, but a remote alarm system connected to the municipal security service or to the company itself. If you include this detail in the promotion, you can increase the cost as long as you offer it with the security service. 

10. Shelves

People love shelves, they are always welcome! As soon as you can, hire a carpenter to design and install shelves in the bedroom, in the room, in the boys' room and in the laundry room. Having drawers, shelves and closed cabinets is a plus that is appreciated when buying a house. 

We hope the tips here have been helpful. For more related information, you can refer to our article titled '6 inexpensive tips to increase the value of your home.'

Which was the most helpful tip here for you? 

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