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Marty Häuser AG Country house
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Do you love simple houses? If you answered yes, then today is your lucky day. Here we showcase a wonderful simple cubic house. But be aware—this is not your everyday standard machine for living in. This is a house par excellence; it captures all  the modern trends of home and living. Extremely uncomplicated in its design approach, it creates a dialogue with its surroundings. Ready to move on…

In addition to the clear cubic structure inherent to its form, the interior inspired us tremendously. It's a nice mix of modern living elements set in the countryside. The firm responsible for this design are Swiss architects Marty Häuser AG, who without doubt are renowned for their modern and sleek home designs. Lets take a closer look.

Plus or minus

The project is designed as an idea of subtraction and addition. The very fact that the cube has been perforated at one end has been the reason why it has been additive at the other. There is a tremendous amount of engagement with the form of the building, despite the straightforward design of the house. The inside offers many exciting rooms and is extremely flexible in layout. The entrance portico, which is the additive portion from the subtracted volume of the cube, is dressed in natural materials and presents a very natural look from the outside. Owing to the subtraction in volume at both edges of the home, the overall feeling is of balance and delicate touch throughout the external appearance house.

Entrance area

As soon as you enter the house, one is immediately struck by the exposed concrete surfaces. Gleaming in over-abundant natural light, the exposed concrete surfaces extend from floor-to-ceiling and give a very fine touch to the interior spaces. The floor is dressed in light shaded wood panels, which are slowly transferred onto the tread of the stairs leading to the upper levels. A very subtle yet deliberate gesture in material application and textures across the surfaces.

Very conspicuous is the absence of a railing along the edge of the staircase, which creates a very fluid and minimal feeling in this small vertical space.

Energetic bathroom

The bathroom of this house is indeed an oasis of wellness, in the centre a oval bathtub is placed that draws attention to it, which almost seems like an oversised cereal bowl placed on a bright orange table top. Onward is a walk-in shower, that separates the wet and dry areas by a glass partition. The orange floor colour enacts a role of contrast and charm to the minimalist wall concrete and brings in a more intimate atmosphere. The black wall that adorns the shower creates an optical depth and brings in a bit of mystery into this space.

If you need design suggestions for your bathroom, you will find an interesting ideabook on what colour suits your bathroom here.

Dining by a painting

The dining table is set in front of a large window, owing to the design of a thick black frame around, the landscape outside is framed—what a picture perfect setting for sharing a beautiful meal with the family in the midst of nature! The furnishings of the dinning room are in stark contrast to the materials on the surfaces of the space, and are extremely conducive for a cosy family atmosphere.

Minimalist living

The living room is truly the heart of this house, it's spectacular and impressive with it's high ceiling. A  large cut out in the concrete wall just below the ceiling, provides ample amount of air circulation through the room and keeps room fresh and filled with natural light. The furnishing of the room is kept simple as well; two corner sofas with a small bookshelf in-between create a interesting composition, that is simple  yet pleasing to the eye. In the foreground, a diamond shaped wooden lamp is hung from the ceiling that gleams in glory, the highlight of the spectacular encounter with the space.

Simple stair

Simple and elegant, is how one would probably describe this space. The staircase on the upper floor leads back to the entrance area where we begun our tour. A simple minimal glass balustrade is erected with minimum fuss for protection, slid in along a thin black rail integrated into the floor. On this level, the private areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms are placed, that give the home owners more privacy and time to spend some intimate moments.

The most important facts of this house are listed below.

Rooms: 4 ½

House type: Villa

Floor area: 308 square meters

Volume: 1,547 cubic meters.

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