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14 beautiful fences which can give your house more privacy

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Neighbors are important, but sometimes you just want to avoid seeing them and relax in the privacy of your own garden, without feeling obliged to answer the many questions your neighbors always have. After all, the garden is the perfect place to relax with its serene atmosphere and the lack of distractions that comes from the TV, music and so on. However, there is one very important element to making the garden the perfect place for relaxation, and that is a fence surrounding the garden and the house. Today, we have picked out the 14 most ideal fences for giving your home the privacy it deserves and complimenting your garden and house exteriors as well. Let's take a look, shall we? 

1. Build a high wall to cover the view

2. Wooden fences are still a classic choice

Wooden fences look great, but they require more maintenance. Here are some easy steps to maintain the garden fence.

3. Natural stone is a captivating material

4. Mineral glaze in minimalist style

5. Planting trees around the garden

6. Metal fencing style

7. A hanging garden on the wall

8. Bamboo fence

9. Brick wall is interwoven with stone

10. Fences made of concrete

11. The combination of trees and rocks

12. Exposed brick wall

For more ideas and inspiration, you can have a look at 20 fences perfect for delineating your terrain with style.

13. The stone wall style is rustic

14. The timeless power of rock

If you're still confused about what type of fencing to choose for your house, have a look at our article titled 'which fence to choose for your home.'

Which one is the ideal fence for your house? 

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