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6 things to know before buying a mattress

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A good night's sleep is priceless, but there is something money can buy that can help you get the rest you need -  a good quality hybrid mattress. Today, we're going to discuss how to choose a suitable mattress for your needs and what you should know before buying a mattress. Understanding a few things about mattresses can help you make a better purchasing decision and have better sleep too. It will also help you allocate a reasonable budget, instead of overspending on a mattress you will regret buying a few months down the road. It's very important to know what you want when it comes to a mattress because there's lots of choices out there. We hope this article will help to clarify your questions about mattresses. 

Know your budget

Buying a mattress is not cheap, especially if you want a high quality one. So do not make any impulsive shopping decisions, instead research the price range of mattresses available and decide on how much you want to spend on one before you decide to buy a mattress. This way, you can avoid overspending and regretting it later. Watch out for extra superficial features to the mattresses as these features do little to make the functionality any better but just spike up the prices. Stay away from such promotional gimmicks. 

Here are some tips on how to prevent dust mites on your mattress: declare war on house dust mites.


What is the best thickness for a mattress? Well, there's no easy answer, but the ideal thickness depends on several factors such as whether you have any back or neck problems, or how tall and fit you are. For example, if the mattress is super thick, it might add to much height to the bed and it will not be easy for an aging person who has trouble walking to get in and out of bed. Another possible disadvantage of really thick mattresses are that if they are not designed properly, they are more likely to stretch and loose their firmness. So it's best to buy the best quality you can get, especially if you're planning on buying a super thick mattress. Keep in mind that both thickness and firmness can have significant impact on back health in the longer run.

Understand the types of mattresses

One of the most commonly purchased mattress types are memory foam mattresses, which is known to mould itself according to the shape of an individual’s body. Therefore, it provides better support to the back and spine as pressure is applied evenly at all the points. However, these mattresses tend to retain body temperature and may feel too warm for most parts of India. Those who prefer a cool surface for sleeping may prefer natural kapok bedding, which is native to Asia and more suitable for our climate. Futons are another popular alternative as well, as they can easily be stored away. Here are 5 funky futons to inspire you. 

Firm or plush

Labels like ultra plush, plush, extra firm, and firm on mattresses indicate how soft or hard the mattress is. Usually, the ultra plush mattresses come with the cushions and pillow-tops added by the manufacturers to make them softer. There are some mattresses whose labels may read ‘pillow top’ or ‘cushion firm’. These mattresses come with extra padding, giving them a softer feel. But they are still firm enough to provide good support. Those who have back problems should go for the firm mattresses as they provide better spine support. 


Kurl On, Sleep Well, Duroflex, Rubco and Dunlopillow are some of the most popular mattress brands in India. Kurl On mattresses use the memory foam which is plant-based, making them more eco-friendly than the others. Their covers are infused with celliant, which is known to increase blood circulation by converting the heat of the body into infrared light. On the other hand, Sleep Well mattresses are known to be softer and also use the materials that keep the body cool. 

For mattress maintenance tips, you can refer to our article titled 'a guide to clean your mattress at home.'


Keep in mind that on delivery, the mattress should be packaged properly so that you can be sure that it has not been contaminated somehow. Finally, remember that thickness, firmness, and budget are a few things to consider while looking for the perfect mattress for your bedroom.

We hope the tips in this article have been helpful. For more ideas and inspiration, you can have a look at another article of ours titled '5 ways to use floor mattresses at home.'

What else would you like to know about mattresses? 

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