7 tips to arrange your sofas

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How do you make your living room look stylish? Doubtless, trendy sofas can elevate the sophistication of your home. However, there’s a lot more to good design than just replacing your old furniture. You need to arrange the sofas in a place where they enhance the overall style in the space. Additionally, the layout needs to be functional so that you can move around your modern living room without any hindrance. You might have to place the sofas in several arrangements before you decide on the layout that best suits your living room.

Today, we present 7 ideas on how to arrange sofas in your living room.

1. Classic symmetry

This arrangement is commonly seen in the classic design style, where the furniture and the accessories, such as lamps, are arranged in perfect symmetry to create a formal look in the space. Usually, everything is in pairs, whether it’s the sofas, the wing chairs or the end tables. The sofas are set parallel to the walls.

2. Asymmetry in diagonals

If you want an out-of-the-ordinary arrangement in your living room, then you should try placing your sofas diagonal to the wall. It adds a dramatic effect.

3. Highlight a focal point

If you have a stunning feature in your room, whether it’s a large painting or a cosy fireplace, you can arrange your sofas to direct attention to this element, like you see in this image. You might need to choose the pieces carefully so that the sofas and chairs don’t block the feature that you want to highlight. This applies to the coffee table as well. It needs to be low and light, so that it doesn’t take away attention from the main feature in the room.

4. Divide a large room

In a large living room, the sofas can be used to create seating arrangements that visually divide the room into two. This can be achieved either with varied types or colours of sofas in each area. It’s a great idea for separating the formal and casual seating within a large living room.

5. For watching television

For living rooms that have an entertainment area located within, the sofas can be placed to provide more comfort while watching television. For example, the L-shaped part of the sofa can be positioned directly opposite the television, so that you can comfortably lounge, with your feet up, and watch your favourite programs.

6. To enjoy conversations

If you love to entertain and enjoy long conversations with your guests, then a cosy arrangement that has a coffee table wrapped by sofas on all sides will be perfect for your living room.

7. To enjoy the view

If have a seating area with a lovely view that you would like everyone to enjoy, there’s no point in placing a sofa with its back toward the landscape. Instead, you can make a U-shaped layout to ensure that the beautiful scenery can be viewed from wherever your guests choose to sit.

Which of these layouts will be perfect for your living room? Let us know in the comments.

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