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12 stylish ways to integrate kitchen and dining room

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Are you one of those people who would love to stay connected with the rest of your family and home even while busy cooking for them? If so, then you will love these ideas of integrating kitchen and dining room. The philosophy of having an open kitchen with dining table in it has gained immense popularity especially among city dwellers. May be initially the idea came up to overcome the space crunch and maximize the space utilization in flats and small homes. But slowly it gained popularity because of the convenience and pleasure it brought. The feeling of not being alone in an enclosed space while chopping, washing or cooking have made this idea a part of almost every modern home.

Let’s have a look at12 amazing ideas to integrate kitchen cum dining area and make it one entity that too in a stylish way.

​1. Blended in the space

For the perfect fusion of kitchen and dining room it is important to chuck any division even if it is a half wall or curtain and allow the space to just blend with one another. Half of the work is done by the unobstructed space and the other half by coordinating the colour, style, material and shape. Since the kitchen and dining room are sharing a common space so it should look amazing together.

​2. Corner and center

In a small space it makes sense if the kitchen is designed along the walls and dining table is kept at the center. This style will increases the efficiency in kitchen and maximize the space utilization in a small kitchen without cramming it. Two different rooms will coexist together beautifully and comfortably. ,

​3. Cute little corner kitchen

This is a stunning kitchen cum dining room for the modern couple who loves to cook, chat and eat together. The corner and wall has been designed into a shiny comfortable kitchen full of all the modern amenities in the small space leaving the rest of the space for rectangular dining table. Dining table is made of light material and its rectangular shape provides more space for chairs at no extra pressure on space. This smart design of the kitchen with dining table has left sufficient free space to move around.

​4. Challenge accepted

It is itself a challenge to build a kitchen below the stairs. Imagine how difficult it is to design a kitchen and dining space here. Well… after seeing the picture do you think that it is challenging anymore? Don’t waste that precious ‘below the stairs’ space in your home. Use it to build an amazing kitchen cum dining room instead. Just take care that your kitchen should be under the higher end of the stairs and dining table where the slant of the stairs forms 45 degree angle.

​5. Peaceful coexistence

Lack of space in small homes may have forced the two different rooms, kitchen and dining to combine. But they can coexist together and still maintain its identity. The same dimension of the kitchen and the dining helps in making this integrated space practical and stunning.

​6. Playing with shapes

Be creative and bold! Play with the shapes of the furniture; a round dining table with rectangular kitchen, square table with semi-circular kitchen, or… Normal is boring. So make the space exciting and play with the shapes. Just keep in mind that while experimenting with shapes stick to the same material and colours. It will bring harmony into the space even with different shapes.

​7. Saving private space

Integration of space creates a large room and more comfortable space can be designed from it. Beautiful texture on the wall, the cabinets on the floor as well as the wall, table for six helping in the formation of L-shape for the kitchen and a breakfast table for those moments that you want to spend with a cup of hot beverage; this kitchen has retained the private space for you.

​Defining it with colours

Dark colour kitchen and light toned dining table, the contrast is an interesting way to bring two different spaces together. There is uniformity in the floor but the walls tell a different story. Opposite attracts and this is what exactly happening here. The contrasting theme of the space is captivating which is what the expert interior decorators intended.

​9. Happily ever after

Either mark the room definitively or just let it mingle like a match made in heaven and build to live happily ever after. It is a well coordinated kitchen and dining space that wouldn’t have had the same impact if done anything different from it. It is stunning!

10. Convenient and comfortable

It makes sense if the dining table is placed near the kitchen counter. Dining room is separated from the kitchen not by any false wall but the kitchen counter thus making it more comfortable to pass on the food to table.

​11. Divided by floor united by material

The floor of the kitchen and dining space clearly divide the room but the material used in the construction unites them in style. The connection between the materials makes them look great together.

12. Accessories and decorate

Loosen your creativity and let it go wild. Why restrict to one shape, colour or material if you can mix it to blend into the space. The beauty of this integrated kitchen and dining space is in its diversity. Get inspired by this and create one for your home.

If you are looking for ideas to integrate the social areas of your home, then this ideabook is for you: 13 fashionable ideas to integrate kitchen, living and dining room

Blending colors

When you are planning to bring different rooms together it is best to stick to neutral shades to maintain harmony like here. Though the furniture is of different hues the background is relatively similar in colour, bringing the entire setting together in a wholesome partnership.

If you loved these kitchen and dining room designs here are a few more amazing Indian kitchen designs to give wings to your imagination.

Which one of these amazing ideas inspired you the most? Please leave your comments.

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