19 easy ideas to make your garden look modern and stylish

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Inspiration can be found in the nooks and crannies of the simplest of all things, like for example your garden, or perhaps the patio. Recreation to most could be a simple connect with nature in the comfort of your home. We at homify, like serving things up the Au Naturale way, which is why we're bringing this ideabook to you. Drown in this one as you discover simple, yet effective ways to make your garden stand out. 

1. The key lies in the elements

While prepping up your lawn, make sure that you incorporate more elements into it as does the garden you see in the image. A lining of a bed of grey stone, followed by one of white pebbles and perhaps a white stone bed could give your garden the right spruce it needs!

2. Level up

Another way to bring life to your garden is with the use of lights or lamps that leave for a more recreational vibe. You can make use of the stairs in your backyard or garden to place potted plants of varied shapes and sizes. 

3. A modern take on the woods

Here's a slightly unconventional idea that you might want to experiment with- a lawn made or grass, of course, but with wooden planks as opposed to the regular norm of stone ones. 

4. Tucked away

The ideal getaway lies in this perfect space tucked away on the terrace. Embedded in a surrounding thicket of plants is a place to relax, unwind and perhaps catch a glimpse of the lovely moon. 

5. Fountains

A fountain brings life to a garden in ways that none other can. There are a variety of fountains that you can experiment with in varied shapes and sizes. Picking one that gels in with your garden is all too simple simply because it works for just about any garden. 

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6. A pergola to escape beneath

To escape the midday heat, whilst soaking in on the beauty of nature, you could find shelter in a pergola! It's bound to add to the overall look of your garden while providing you with the right kind of functionality. 

7. One for the patio

The ideal getaway lies herein. A simple mattress placed amidst the serenity that comes with a garden to engulf it. Line your garden floor with white pebbles to creating a contrasting duo of the best color combinations. 

8. Modern pots

Rather than sticking to regular pots which are well, predictable, you can opt for cemented ones which add a touch of elegance to the area that they are placed in. 

9. Glow in the dark?

When all else fails, look to light to give you the answer! You're asking the wrong questions if this garden isn't answering all your questions! The simple applications of light can work wonders for your garden. 

10. Say it with Bamboo

Bamboo is a simple plant that you can incorporate in just about any corner of the house. The garden, is no exception to this case, so make sure you add it to yours. 

11. The Zen corner

Let this image do all the talking for you simply because there are no words to describe how perfect this design really is. The ideal combination of color and density is something that you do not want to miss out on. 

12. Green walls

Lining the walls with greenery is also another option for you to experiment with. Line the walls of your garden with plants and flowers so that you are in the presence of one extraordinary wall!

13. Boil it down to the details

We may have spoken about cemented pots earlier on in this post, but here's the next best thing. This is taking Au Naturale to it's literal sense- a plant within a rock or a stone. This is a very unique idea that requires almost no maintenance at all. 

14. Stone clad

A stone laden wall is also a wonderful asset to decorate the garden of your home with. Top this off with a lovely combination of flowers, bushes or shrubs! 

15. Let's gather around the campfire

An outdoor campfire sounds just as enticing as an indoor fireplace, won't you say? Place on in your garden alongside lights for the perfect feel. 

16. Stone path

A path of stone is the best way to lead up to a garden. To add more beauty to this picturesque view, place a cot or bed so you can revel in the magnifecence of Mother Nature. 

17. A cozy space

Add a few chairs to your garden as you sit back, relax and unwind! 

Shape your garden with the help of this ideabook!

18. Aerial view

An aerial view of this garden shows how organized it really is! With part wood, part pebbles and part tile- the plants are simply the icing to the cake!

19. The entry

The entrace building up to the garden is just as important as the garden itself. If you disagree, let this image be our argument for the same!

The perfect garden awaits, what are you waiting for?

Which one stood out for you? Tell us!

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