15 wooden kitchen designs for your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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In Indian homes the kitchen holds a special value. It is also one of the most used rooms of the entire residence. That is why it is crucial to design not only a beautiful space but also a fully functional one. In today's ideabook, we are going to talk about 15 wooden kitchen designs that are perfect for any home. They will inspire you to add new elements in your upcoming design or layout.

1. In radiant wood

For a radiant looking interior using polished wood is a must. It can be incorporated in the form of cabinet doors.

2. With a country touch

To incorporate a country style touch within your kitchen make sure that you use open wooden beams in the room.

3. With concrete bar

Creating a similar looking concrete bar will not only give you a sturdy surface to work on but also a beautiful contrast to the otherwise wooden interior.

4. Traditional with stone

To create a traditional looking kitchen using dark colour wood along with stone is highly recommended. You can also use materials like limestone or bricks instead of natural ones.

5. Taking advantage of corners

To take advantage of the space available make sure that you use all the corners. This corner design allows you to create maximum counter space as well as walking area.

6. Completely rustic!

For a completely rustic design you can create your entire kitchen using natural wood. Keeping it in its true self will add a certain warmth to the area.

7. Light wood and granite bar

Another combination which is very popular is of light colour wood and granite. Both natural elements complement each other without overpowering.

8. Completely modern

For creating a completely modern kitchen using wood you can incorporate stainless steel appliances and light fixtures.

9. With dining room

Designing an open concept wooden kitchen that also features a dining room is a very popular trend these days. The table can also be made of wood to create harmony.

10. Modern and with island

A wooden kitchen can also have a beautiful central island lined with natural stone. Hear the lower part of the island is made of wood.

11. Compact

To create a compact kitchen you can use a U-shaped layout similar to this picture. Also a sleek island is a much better alternative than the standard ones.

12. Perfect for big families

For big families having a large size kitchen is a must. Apart from this the designer has also incorporated dining table of six within the same area.

13. L-shaped

L-shaped layouts are also ideal while creating a compact kitchen for your house. Here the cabinets are made of wood and are painted with different colours to give them a beautiful contrast.

14. Storage space

Using wood to create your storage space within the kitchen is also quite easy. Along with this the material is also easy to maintain and does not require regular touch ups.

15. Spacious kitchen

In case space is not a problem then creating a spacious kitchen like this is another way to go. Here even the chimney has been designed with a wooden casing to conceal the stainless steel appliance.

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