10 materials used for adding stylish finishes to wardrobes

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Usually, you build a wardrobe in your home for storage, but let’s face it, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or the hallway, ultimately you want it to look stylish. Choosing the right type of finish is vital to ensure that the wardrobe or cupboard matches the overall design theme of your room. Today, we present you with 10 options of materials that you can use to add style to the surfaces of your wardrobes.

1. Veneer

Veneer is popular not only because it is one of the most economical options for coating your wardrobe, but also because of its ability to replicate the warmth of solid wood. It is made from thin sheets of natural wood and comes in a variety of designs that enable you to use it to coordinate the style of your room. For instance, a light veneer will be perfect for a Scandinavian-style home, whereas a darker shade might suit a classic house. Additionally, this material is easy to maintain as it just needs regular polishing.

2. Laminate

This material is popular as it comes in almost every colour and a range of finishes, including matte and glossy. While laminates have advantages, such as being scratch-resistant and easy to clean, they are not durable because they are brittle. Once a part of it chips off, the entire sheet will have to be replaced.

3. PVC foil

These foils are pressed on an MDF board to form a decorative film on the surface. The advantage of using them is that they come in a range of finishes, including scratch-resistant and semi-gloss.

4. Lacquer or Polyurethane paint

Coating the surface of your cupboards with lacquered or polyurethane paint is another option. These paints come is a large variety of colours and have a lovely gloss. They are extremely easy to maintain.

5. Mirror

Mirrors are especially suitable for coating the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes in small rooms as they reflect light and make the entire space appear larger than it is.

6. Glass

modern design option, glass on the wardrobe surface adds a sense of lightness to the composition of the room. Glass can come in clear, opaque, printed, frosted and stained varieties, among others. Depending on the design style of your room, you can choose the type that best complements the décor. The disadvantage of glass, especially if you use the clear variety, is that you need to keep the interiors of the cupboard neat always. Otherwise, the mess will be on display.

7. Opaque or coloured glass

Instead of plain glass, coloured or opaque glass is a more convenient option for a modern wardrobe. The colours can be matched with the palette of the room. Additionally, this material reflects light and increases the brightness and airiness in the room.

8. Solid wood

Nothing beats the warmth of wood, and when it is solid wood, it adds a charming element that is versatile, as it can suit the theme of almost any room, whether it’s modern, rustic or country-style. While wood is more expensive than other materials, it is extremely durable, and all it needs is a coat of polish to look as good as new.

9. Metal

Brushed metal is not new to Indian homes as old iron almirahs have been used for centuries. While they might not match the décor in a modern home, they will be perfect addition to an industrial style room. On homify, you'll find many industrial decor ideas to add style to your rooms.

10. Stainless steel

A popular element used for kitchen cabinets, stainless steel brings a minimalist and modern touch to a space. Its reflective surface is easy to maintain, and like mirrors, it enhances the spaciousness of any area.

Which of these materials will you pick for your wardrobes? Respond in the comments.

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