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Vastu tips to select the right entrance mat to welcome good fortune

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Like our guests we welcome home our good luck and fortune through the entrance doors. Vastu lay a lot of emphasis on the entrance of the home since according to the Vastu shastra it holds an important place in our home. Today we will discuss about the entrance mat that we casually keep at the entrance door without realizing the fact that this humble piece of accessory plays a vital role at the entrance and influences the flow of energy in and out of our home. Let’s find out how to select the design and material of the mat that is Vastu compliant.

​1. Capturing the perfect energy

Entrances that capture the positive energy and disperses off the negative energy is said to be the perfect entrance according to Vastu. Keeping a suitable mat is equally important as it not only removes the dust and dirt from the shoes; it also absorbs the negativity and ill-feeling from the people entering the house or from the environment. Comfortable doormats made of cosy fabric that is soft on feet and provide warmth are good. Soothing colours and simple designs warmly welcome the family and friends.

2. The colour of happiness

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The selection of the colour of mat depends on the direction of the entrance. East is the direction of sun and hence if the entrance is in the East the preferred colour should be white, yellow and shades of cream. West is the direction of Saturn and hence the colour of the mat should be blue, white and all shades of green. North is the direction of Mercury and hence the shades should be green, white, yellow or cream. South is the direction of Mars and preferred shades should be pink, coral, red, silver white and all shades of green.

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3. Shapes of the mat

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We all want different thing from our life. For some love and relationship is important and then for some money means luck. Choose the mat accordingly and welcome home what you desire for. Rectangular mat attracts steady relationship and brings in stability and steadiness in life. Round shape affects love life and marital bliss in a positive way. Oval shape attracts wealth and money to your home. So choose what you want to attract into your home.

4. The material for good luck

Choose the natural fabric and material for the entrance mat and bring in the luck. Silk, cotton, wool and natural fibre are the perfect materials for it as it attracts the positive energy and positive feelings inside your home. Avoid the acrylic fabric. It is the element of fire and burns the positive vibe and feelings. Also change it frequently and keep it clean to welcome home luck and fortune.

5. Combining it with plants

Place some bright green Vastu compliant plants near the mat at the entrance. Green plants absorbs bad omen and attracts positive vibes. Also it has the power to instantly elevate the mood. Vastu plants are believed to attract money and wealth. Along with that it will surely make your entrance green and welcome home positive energy and happiness that comes with a beautiful entrance.

​6. Right choice and maintenance

According to Vastu, along with right colour and shape, right pattern on the mat is equally important to be a lucky charm for your home. Select the mat with patterns of plants or nature weaved on it. We also don’t change the mats very frequently. So it is important to clean it regularly. Remember… good fortune loves clean and uncluttered space. Keep the entrance mat fresh and welcoming.

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Which of these tips are you going to try? Respond in the comments.
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