15 ideas to light up your ceiling (and make it look great)

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In this particular article, you will find 15 ideas of ceiling lighting. The lighting is not only for décor purpose, but also for illuminating the space. It is general idea that the light from the ceiling is the main source of lighting in a room. But have we ever thought that the ceiling might also need lighting and illumination? In this article there are different ways in which one can play and innovate with lights which help in eradicating and eliminating the inner shadows.

1. Creating a luminous line of lighting

Check out this excellent way of lighting the ceiling. The best part of this kind of illumination is that the light remains concentrated at a point. Since the lighting is in a luminous line, the roof looks really beautiful and attractive. The best thing about the lighting setting in this style is that it is located strategically. In spite of having heavy furniture in the room, there is no problem with the lighting in the space.

2. Lighting in the center as well as on the edges

The design of the room and the lighting settings makes the space look bright and beautiful. The light in the setup spreads from the center of the area and hence the whole area gets covered. The designing is done in such a manner that no shadows are formed anywhere in the room. The light colour used in the room helps in reflecting light to the maximum.

3. Installing lights at two levels

The illumination in this room takes place from two levels. There are some lights which hang from the ceiling and illuminate the space. Again there are lights, which are installed in the roofs and they shimmer like stars from the sky providing lighting to the space. The interior design along with the lighting in the room helps in creating a cute but stylish dining room.

4. The combination of ventilation and lighting

In this system, there is a combination of the light and the fan, both hanging from the ceiling. The light is quite powerful as it can illuminate the whole space and the fan has speed for ventilating the area well. In fact, the same switch is used for operating both the fan and the light.

5. Illuminating the ceiling in the walkway

Apart from rooms in the home, the walk way also needs proper illumination so that moving around the house is easy and convenient. Installing flash lights on the ceiling is a great way for keeping these places illuminated.

6. Combination of light and fun

Are you looking to illuminate your corridor and add a fun touch to the same as well? Try installing luminaries which come with colour filters in different colours – red, blue, green etc.

7. Lighting all along the roof

See the amazing lighting done on the roof of the room. With this kind of lighting and illumination, the roof looked absolutely different. The luminaries were embedded smartly in the roof so that uniform lighting was achieved. Otherwise the ceiling would have looked dark and the whole room would have looked bright.

8. Several lines of illumination

LED lines installed in this room have changed the way the room looks completely. There are three LED lines along with some ceiling lights installed on the roof, which providing lighting to the whole space.

9. The flashing dark cubes on the ceiling

If you think that the black roof will make the place look dark, you are highly mistaken. Rather it adds personality to the room as it stands out wonderfully. Lights are installed inside the cubes creating contrasts. The white light is fabulously in contrast with the black cubes.

10. Small little flashes

This ceiling is really attractive because there is no intense lighting in it. Rather subtle, small lights are installed and they illuminate the whole space softly. The subtlety of the whole space with the illumination is what is attractive.

11. Combination of light from above and below

In this room setup, there is light from the floor as well as from the ceiling. The lights are strategically placed so that the effects of illumination are not cancelled in any way. The room on the whole looks brilliantly lit up with this kind of light setting.

12. White light and white ceiling

If you think that the ceiling of the room remains dark and hampers the total appearance of the room, try painting it white and install lights of the same shade in the ceiling. There will be complete whiteness in the whole setting and the whole place will look bright. However, ensure that the lights are embedded in the ceiling for best effects and results.

13. The exterior ceilings are important as well

Like interior ceilings, exterior ceilings need to be illuminated well too. In this image, you can see that acrylic has been placed in the whole area and a magical ambience is created. During the daytime sunlight makes the area stand out and at night, the stylish lights do.

14. Close gaps

There is a great way of lighting up the ceiling but you don’t need to install anything separately for the same. Try creating gaps in the corners of the kitchen from where sunlight can enter the area and illuminate the space brilliantly. You can bid farewell to oblivion and darkness in this manner.

15. Installing mobile flashlights

Mobile flashlights are a great way of illuminating any space in a room or in a room. You can take the lights on and off easily and place them where they are needed the most. Buy some flashlights and use them to the best advantage for illuminating a space.

All these ceiling lighting options are brilliant and can change the way a room looks completely with minimal efforts.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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