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We create spaces in our houses activities that are very important to us. We have a dining hall to eat, prayer room to pray, bedroom to rest, etc. But, have you ever thought about a room or space for yoga and meditation? Are yoga and meditation important to us? It is time to give a thought about this. Yoga is a practice that incorporates breath, a form of meditation and physical incorporation of the body which brings your mind and body together. Whereas meditation is a training to the mind, that helps our mind to reach different levels of awareness. Both yoga and meditation bring many physical, mental and spiritual benefits to everyone. People all over the world have started to practice yoga and meditation. Creating a space for yoga and meditation is very important. Everyone can set up a space for these in  their own homes, easily.

Air flow and light

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room gemma5 Eclectic style garden

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room


Selecting a right place for yoga and meditation is an important task to be accomplished. There are several factors to be considered before setting up a room for yoga and meditation. An airy and well-ventilated room would be an ideal spot for creating a space for yoga and meditation. The room should have large windows, which allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the room. The feeling of cool breeze and early morning sunlight will definitely enhance your mood to do yoga and meditation. When you meditate during evenings, you can’t rely on sunlight. In such situations, you have to use lights. If the room you select has a white colour or any light colour shade, it would be really nice to meditate. You can even use wallpapers, which give the same kind of effect. 

Flowers and plants

A Space to connect and grow Juniperhouse Eclectic style event venues

A Space to connect and grow


People living in urban areas always miss the calmness of nature. Just like yoga and meditation, nature can also heal. So, adding nature around the meditation room is always great. Yoga and meditation helps you to connect your mind and body with nature. With natural surroundings, including plants and flowers in the room, you will find more peace and pleasure. Flowers can bring fragrance which will enhance your mood to meditate. Small jars with sand and sea shells can also be employed. Another feature you can arrange around your meditation room is a small water fountain. You may not be able to meditate in a calm beach or around a cool waterfall, but you can definitely arrange a small fountain in your room.

Non-slippery, organic floor

Photos of Rotunda Roundhouses gemma5 Eclectic style garden

Photos of Rotunda Roundhouses


The place where you meditate or do yoga is a sacred place for you. It should be the best place in your home. Just like the importance of having an airy-room and natural atmosphere, an organic floor with no slippery surfaces is also important for yoga, as well as meditation. Yoga is about different physical movements of the body. The person who does yoga has to move his/her feet and body. It would be difficult to do yoga on a floor which is slippery. Hence it is very important to select a place where the floor is non slippery. It is said that the results will be much better if you practice yoga and meditation on organic floors or surfaces.

Thick mats and carpets

When you practice yoga and meditation, the first things that come to your mind are physical and spiritual aspects. The union of mind, body and spirit, stretching and breathing exercises are all part of these practices. We are always concerned about these factors. But what we really don’t care much is about the foundation to practice yoga and meditation—mats and carpets. A good yoga or meditation mat is a must for these practices. Each yoga mat has its own characteristics and features. Mats and carpets may differ in size and thickness too. Just like the clothes you chose to wear during yoga, you have to select the right mat too. The mat you chose must enable you to perform different range of poses including meditation and relaxation poses.

Minimal furniture and cushions

The room you choose as your meditation room must be large and spacious. The room should have everything that brings positive energy to you like flowers, plants, fountains, aquariums, the statues of the gods you adore, etc. The room must have the perfect ambience to do yoga. It is adviseable to have less furniture in the room. You can have some furniture, which can’t be avoided like chairs and sofas. But the room must not be piled with furniture as it will crowd the room and thereby reduce the space. Instead of furniture, you can keep a yoga mat for performing yoga and meditation. 

Optimal artificial lighting

Interior of 4.5m diameter Therapy room in Kent gemma5 Classic style garden

Interior of 4.5m diameter Therapy room in Kent


 The meditation space you wish to set in your house needs to have enough lighting. But it is the choice of the person who meditates to choose the intensity of lighting. Some may need a dimmed atmosphere, while some may need a bright atmosphere. Sunlight is the best way to light your meditation area. When you choose to do your meditation or yoga in the mornings, allow sunlight to pass through your room. Sunlight possesses energy. It can bring lot of energy to the person who experiences it. Using rooms in the eastern side of the home and using rooms with bigger windows are always recommended. When you prefer to meditate at night, you must choose other lighting sources. But it is highly recommended to use limited artificial lighting during meditation or yoga.

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