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13 modern facade designs to inspire you

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If you are looking to construct a two storey house, then this ideabook discovers multiple ways for you to do just that. With these modern designs, there's no doubt that your home will stand out. From simplistic designs to intrinsic ones, these ideas are here to stay. 

1. Contemporary

Now here's a facade that takes things to a whole new level! Definitely pleasing to the eye, this facade stands out leaving bystanders mouth agape at the sheer elegance of this beauty. This could just be yours, so act quickly, and more importantly, act right away!

2. Minimalist

Horizontally stretched, this facade brings minimalist designs in the limelight. The architecture allows for a garage, main entrance and terrace which are pleasing both structurally and visually as well. 

3. Simplistic

This facade is a simple play on lines and colors. These subtle choices make all the difference as is depicted in this image. Opt for complementary colors such as white and grey for the perfect finish. 

4. Entry level upped!

For a facade that outnumbers its competition, try choosing one that mixes and matches both elements, and colors, as is seen in this image. A glass sheet allows for a view of the stairway while the entrance stands tall, stretching over the entierty of the facade. 

5. Wide open

While looking for diversity, keep an eye out, particularly for open designs. This makes for a homely feel in addition to being a wonderful design. 

More two storey facades open for experimentation

6. Discreet partitions

If originality is something you seek, then here's a definite option for you. Experiment with the facade of your home by incorporating gaps at irregular intervals. That, combined with a stellar view of the morning sky makes for the ultimate duo. 

7. Sloped roofs

In an attempt to doff it's hat to passersby, this home stands out for two reasons. One of which, is the obvious slanting slope, and the other, the elongated entrance which almost appears to be holding up the slipping slope! 

8. Compact goodness

A stone wall is a great way to make a statement on a facade. Couple that with an all white ensemble, and you are ready to reap the benefits that come of having a stellar design such as this. 

9. Float away

The play on colors and shapes makes this design yet another to add on to your list of must haves. The upper portion of the facade alongside the choice of a bold color creates the illusion of a floating upper storey. 

10. Jigsaw

The missing piece to this puzzle is you! A stonewalled entrance along with the lovely color picked out for this facade make it compact and petite, definitely a must for smaller two storey homes. 

Stone facades to complete your entrance, right here. 

11. Too (read 2) much?

For lovers of all things that shy away from mainstream, here's a design to rack your brain. A simple blue lined design with white to fill the spaces makes this quite an impressive one. 

12. Brick walled

This brick walled facade takes on a number of elements which is what makes it unique in its own way. Larger homes with more space can incorporate this design.

13. The Game of Volumes

This designs speaks for itself as it conquers volumes of a varied kind. Let this design do all the talking for you and your visitors as well! 

Explore these lovely facades for Indian homes, here at homify. 

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