20 splendid ideas to give your living room a fresh new feel for 2018

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homify has the best registered professionals in the team and they can provide great ideas for transforming your present room into a modern and wonderful space. These ideas have proved to be really helpful and useful for decorating a small or large room. The ideas provided here are innovative and new and we are sure that they will be able to inspire you.

Check out the images below and see how beautifully the room decor can be done for remodelling a space:

1.      When you are thinking about the décor of the walls of the room, it is not necessary that they have the same colour and pattern. You can select from varying tones and textures, which might vary from stone coatings to light colours and dark shades. This style will impart a modern appearance to the room.

2.      Check out the lighting in the living room – this will include both artificial and natural light.

3.      Try mixing different styles. Your room can have a modern image and appearance by combining objects in varying styles. For instance, the coffee table in modern design will be in sharp contrast to the Persian carpet or the antique item in the room. The overall impact to the place will be great!

4.      When you have a small room in the house, use white colour for painting the walls in the room. This helps in creating an illusion of luminosity and spaciousness.

5.      Ensure that the layout of the room is optimal. There should be enough space for movement in the room.

6.      For room décor, if possible include some kind of art form. This helps in creating an impression of great style and taste.

7.      If you are looking for an element which provides warmth and cosiness, there is no better alternative than wood for the same. Whether you have a large room or small one, do not hesitate in using wood in the décor of the room.

8.      If you want to transform your basic and ordinary looking room to an elegant setup, you can look to install a stylish piece of TV furniture or some elegant lamps in the room for bringing in sophisticated design and appeal to the place.

9.      Check out the large numbers of cushions that are placed on the sofa in the room. These help in, creating a cosy ambience. The cushions should be in different colours for best results.

10.      For imparting a fresh look to a room, try using neutral colours for the furniture.

11.      When you have frequent family reunions, you need to have a separate room or place for the same. The best furniture for these places is a comfortable sofa, where the whole family can sit together and enjoy and chat.

12.      When it comes to room décor and designing, flooring plays an important role. Various kinds of materials can be used in the flooring of a room, including tiles, wood, carpet and even combination of different materials.

13.      There are many decorative details which impart a sense of style to every room. It is not necessary to have many decorative items in the room. However, the ones that are there should be able to add to the warmth and aesthetics of the room.

14.      In case your room is a small one, see that there is abundant entry of natural light in the space. The room décor should have neutral tones. Also, the walls and textiles in the room should have colour details that are just right.

15.      Do not miss the beauty of plants for room décor. They bring in sense of life in the room.

16.      A modern décor trend on the wall is in the form of wood paneling. When done in the right manner, it looks just fabulous.

Interiorismo, KAUS KAUS Modern living room

17.      Try experimenting with strong and vibrant colours. Show your courage and use them in the best way possible!

18.      The balanced combination of vibrant and soft colours can help in creating a magical effect in the room and enhance the décor of the place significantly.

19.      Try installing carpets in the room, which have interesting textures and patterns. This helps in adding personality and charm to your room.

20.      The central fireplace and the multifunctional room look really nice. The furniture and the overall décor of the place speak of sophistication and elegance.

Try implementing these ideas in your small room and see the difference that comes to the place immediately.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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