10 amazing bathroom tile design ideas

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When it comes to the bathroom, choosing the appropriate coating for the wall and/or floor is a crucial decision to be made. We are talking about the smallest room in the house, which means anything perceived within this tiny compartment is multiplied. Therefore, it is very important to put maximum effort in designing your bathroom. 

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, we have prepared you 10 amazing bathroom tile design ideas. Time to get inspired!

Mosaic tiles on your bathroom wall and floor

Aesthetic tile-works are on the rise in the field of interior design. It’s too boring to have only four plain walls facing you, right? Mosaic tiles are, hence, a perfect use to give your bathroom a fresh, natural and classic look.

Combination of various elements

Despite being a small area, the bathroom is where anything is possible in terms of decorations. Take this opportunity to sharpen the area by combining various elements into one—e.g. cover the lower half with white patterned tiles and the upper half with light blue prints. Here, an excellent contrast is achieved without causing too much visual intimidation, producing a perfect balance and harmony in the room.

Uniformity in tones

The search for contrasts doesn’t have to be your main objective. Sometimes, coloring your bathroom in a single palette can lead to outstanding results too. Like in the design here, the contrast is created through the use of different textures instead. These small squared tiles cover the entire wall in shades of orange, and blend perfectly with the wooden flooring and sink.

Long live the tile!

Looking at the picture above, you’re probably wondering where you’ve seen these types of tiles before. This tile design is not a total stranger. In fact, it has been around for a longer time than you think—since the 60’s! It is most often seen in bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools. The squared tiles draw contrast and break uniformity, giving the bathroom its personality and charisma.

Checkered bathroom floor

An advantage of tiles is that they can be arranged in thousands of different ways. They depend solely on your personal tastes and the character you want to give to your bathroom. Other than the mosaic tile designs we’ve seen above, these checkered tiles are perfect in giving your bathroom a sense of classicality.

Pink floral wall

homify Classic style bathroom

The design above incorporated floral designs into the monotonous tiles colored in pink acrylic paint. The purpose is to transform the bathroom into a rather luxurious and sophisticated space. The shiny tiles on the floor also help reflect light and increase brightness.

Pastel decor

Bronx Eclectic style bathroom

Tiles are the ideal coating for bathrooms and showers because of their waterproof and anti-humidity nature. Their self-cleaning function is also perfect in avoiding stains in the shower. When decorating a small bathroom, it is especially recommended to opt for pastel tones because the soft colors can give a greater sense of openness.

Marking territory

A smart way to segregate a small area is by using different tile patterns. In this design, the black-and-white tribal print pops out and brings you back to the 70s. An optical illusion is created through its fine lines, and serves as a fun element in the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom is finished in other materials and designs, like the mosaic tiles on the left and bright marble coatings on the right. As the saying goes, you don’t win if you don’t risk, right?

Fun bathroom for kids

The color coordination used on the tiles are seamlessly fun and kids-friendly. Glass pieces are replaced by solid ceramics, incorporated with rainbow tile designs that will draw the kids’ attention for sure.

Chic combo

Ever thought of applying the most elegant and chic color to your bathroom interior? Black is a symbol of simplicity and boldness. The black tiles here create a clear separation between one area from another. Its contrast to the white floor and brick wall plays an important role in providing the bathroom personality and elegance.

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