10 Amazing Container Homes With Two Floors!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Container homes are increasingly gaining acceptance as sustainable and economic way for shelter. Though container homes may bring notions of sub-standard and low income dwelling in crowded cities, we are here to break those notions with this fabulous container homes that are beautiful and comfortable. Whats' more, these are double floored beauties! Who could have thought, container dwellings can be such a style statement. Let's look at these 10 amazing container homes with two floors.

1.. Space saving design

A fully functional and self sufficient home is accommodated in this beautiful set of white ship containers. Clever interiors allow for efficient use of space inside with dedicated wash area on the ground floor and outdoor terrace space on top. This compact home makes for such a cozy dwelling, what do you think?

2. Improvised extensions

Container homes need not be small spaces. With this corridor shaped design, this container homes is spacious enough for any average sized family. We love the extensions made for a lovely outdoor space on the first floor and the glass windows add a sophisticated touch allowing brilliant lights to be the focus.

3. Design of the future

Futuristic design makes this a captivation container home. The creation of of see through walls in this two-storey house  adds a certain panache. The structure is sturdy, spacious and definitely gives us a peek of what's in store for future container homes; low on space and high on functionality and design.

4. House on a budget

When budget constraints are a reality, container homes can offer promising alternatives. This beautiful full-fledged home in green has been set up on a very tight budget. The combination of containers allow 2 floors in one section, while another additional space is created within the compound with another container that can be used as a guest bedroom, dining or study for the family.

5. Home in blue

Adding some more character to a container home through a raised platform and an eye-catching exterior paint makes this a home to get inspired from. The raised platform allows a more regular-home feel, making space for a patio complete with beautiful railings and plants.

6. Outdoor areas

This two-storey container home manages to create lot of outdoor spaces by using just 3 large used ship containers! Arranged at right angles and supported by iron beams, there is a simple dining area, a porch and an terrace on the first floor to make the best use of the beautiful views outside!

7. Tiled exteriors

At first glance, this does not look like a home made out of ship containers! Thanks to the exterior tiling which makes this seem more like a regular home made in concrete. The compact staircase takes you to the first floor which houses the bedroom with a balcony. Notice the dining table on the ground floor, such a lovely use of space under the shade.

Explore how this unique house was built from scratch by the designers H2 Box Design.

8. Industrial exterior with sleek interiors

This is definitely a container house with a strong personality. The designers have made no changes to the original look and composition of the containers but the interiors have been done in a completely contrasting modern sleek style. On one look, it may seem you are near a ship harbor, until you enter the contemporary home inside and be completely wowed by it!

9. Small and charming

This is a simple 2- storey container home with little additions that make it so inviting. Classic style windows and door frames in white, a compact exterior staircase, old style street lamps on the porch and raised wooden platform as a base add charming country flavours to this setup.

10 .Geometric luxury

With two used ship containers, a luxurious home has been created by the designers Eduardopetry. An iron frame has been added to provide extra support to the structure. The container arrangement is perfect to create a huge covered parking space for the cars in the front yard.

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