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21 amazing solutions for decorating the interiors of small houses

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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Don’t worry about your house being too small! The right interior decoration is the solution for every tiny apartment or house. It ensures that the space is utilized efficiently.

Browse through these examples of well-decorated small homes that we have chosen for you to get inspired.

1. Make the wise decision of buying small furniture and preferably modular designs, as they can be stacked or stowed to save space.

2. Especially in studio apartments, build a mezzanine so that you don’t have to buy a bed. You can climb the ladder or stairs to sleep.

3. Don’t worry if you don’t have a spare room to use as a study. You can add a desk in a corner of your bedroom. Use a PVC vinyl in the background to enhance the sense of space, and take care that you don’t ruin it when you mount shelves.

4. A most wonderful option for a small home is compact kitchen equipment. A design like this can fit the entire kitchen into a wardrobe.

5. Children’s rooms are usually allocated the least space in a home, but a multi-functional bunk bed with a desk in the lower level can make sure that the room doesn’t lack the essentials.

6. Kitchenettes can be particularly challenging to design because of the narrowness of the space. Flexible lines can provide a solution.

7. Who doesn’t want a large desk? However, it’s not always easy to find space for one. Creating a multi-purpose platform under the window can accommodate a large table on one side. Shelves can be added to the side walls.

8. Folding beds are one of the cleverest space-saving ideas. In this idea, when required, the bed can be pulled down into the television viewing area in the living room.

9. The simplest way to expand small spaces is through visual gimmicks. For example, placing a large mirror on the wall makes this toilet appear wider.

10. Creating wall niches always work out cheaper than buying shelves. Simultaneously, the room doesn’t look crowded.

11. In a very small studio apartment, a mini kitchen can be designed inside a cabinet.

12. A small toilet does not have to be dull. Even the tiniest space can turn flashy with the use of colour and lighting.

13. How do you create a large display area with just a few things? Get inspired by this design that has ample storage made with a simple rack system.

14. It’s important to have lots of seating in the living room always, so you can place sofas along both the walls, like in this image.

15. Don’t worry if you have a loft apartment. The lower spaces can be used to embed storage to make the most of the available area.

16. Foldable shelves or tables are a practical solution. See this design, which has the table mounted on the wall with a system that allows it to be folded when it’s not being used.

17. Instead of placing the headboard of the bed against the wall, how about creating wardrobe space behind it to provide privacy?

18. The area near a door is often neglected, but you can use it to build a cupboard and shelves for additional storage.

19. And here, you see one of the most creative designs, which includes stairs as well as storage shelves.

20. How about enclosing a small balcony to create a narrow workspace with an L-shaped desk?

21. The living room looks more spacious as it has just one L-shaped sofa placed against the length of the wall.

Which of these ideas will you use in your home? Answer in the comments.

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