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14 different designs of space-saving sliding doors

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If you want to divide a room, whether it’s to create an indoor garden or a small study, sliding doors can be a very convenient solution. Sliding doors can refer to either wooden shutters or PVC windows. You can also find aluminium-framed sliding doors, but these are used less frequently nowadays. Sliding glass doors is another option. These can include frosted glass, tinted glass or even stained glass that paints a pretty picture. You do not have to use glass, if you don’t want to. Fiberglass, plastic and plywood are other materials that can be used for a sliding door.

As you can see there are many alternatives. Once you decide where to make a sliding door, you can invite an expert to come to your house and take measurements of the location of the door. Sliding doors are particularly useful in crammed rooms as they serve as a space-saving collapsible door.

1. Patterned and frosted glass

Frosted glass is a good solution in a place where you need privacy, and with a decorative pattern, it provides an aesthetic solution.

2. Wooden frame

Indoors, especially if you need a sliding door in the hall or living room, usually, wood is the preferred material.

3. Making the balcony windows as large as possible

If the sliding door, separates your room from a balcony with a beautiful view, then there are benefits in using large floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, which allow the views to be enjoyed unhindered.

4. Communication between the interior and exterior

When a sliding door connects the garden and the indoors, suitable material should be used to help the indoors and the outdoors communicate.

5. Blinds

Instead of blinds, your glass sliding door can be frosted so that you get the same privacy as you would with curtains.

6. With a grille

Sliding doors with railings is another option, when you want to prioritize security to the maximum.

7. Compatible with the décor

A sliding door should adapt to décor theme in the room, like this one that uses light wood and frosted glass.

8. Stained glass

This classic home used a sliding door that enhances its look. Stained glass windows are always elegant.

9. Frameless sliding doors

Frosted glass can also function without a frame by employing a roof rail system. The circular pattern on the door adds to the aesthetics.

10. Modern and rustic

A wood and metal frame is a good composition for a rustic modern style home.

11. In the bedroom

If you want to turn a corner of your bedroom into a garden, a sliding door can be the perfect solution.

12. Aluminium frame

Half windows and an aluminium frame are used to design this sliding door that separates the dining room from the kitchen.

13. To ventilate the kitchen

Sliding doors between the kitchen and the garden help to provide good ventilation in the kitchen.

14. For separating two rooms

Sliding doors can also be used to divide a space, especially in a small apartment with an open plan.

Which area of your home will benefit from a sliding door, and why? Respond in the comments.

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