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30 wonderful ideas for your terrace

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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During the end of the year holiday season, we tend to spend every possible moment outdoors. For the lucky ones, it does not mean that you have to leave the comfort of your home and spend time in the cafes, restaurants or parks outside. On the contrary, the enjoyment of this season is best in the comfort of your own home on the terrace or balcony with the company of family and friends. If you have a terrace where you can enjoy  beautiful sunny days, or if you don't have one yet, if you are dreaming, if you have already begun to design something for the house, here are 30 beautiful terraces and patio decoration ideas for outdoor spaces to decorate your dreams. 

1. A peaceful option that creates wonders in Mediterranean-style terraces and verandas. Wood, bamboo, and colorful plants look great, don't they?

2. What about a hot tub?

3. Hot weather can be overwhelming from time to time in summer, and it is ideal to use vivid colors to never lose your positive energy.

4. Plants and beautiful flowers always make a difference.

5. Comfortable furnishings with a lean design create the most ideal furnishings for terraces and verandas.

6. Large and comfortable seating can be created in open areas thanks to the furniture made of straw and bamboo.

7. A minimaistl design and quality materials are sufficient for a modern and sophisticated look.

8. Some prefer eating outside with stylish dining tables!

9. We strongly recommend that you make use of the wonderful harmony of wood and natural greens.

10. If your terrace is looking at a landscape, you should absolutely design it according to the view.

11. You can create a cosy and warm atmosphere by creating nice corners.

12. Wooden floors like this are one of the most frequently used trends in the outdoors in recent years.

13. Wooden pergolas are also great options for a shade and a stylish seating area.

14. Artificial turf may be a good idea for you if you do not want to deal with the maintenance of natural turf.

15. You can use sliding large glass doors to connect interior and exterior living spaces.

16. For those looking for a peaceful outdoor living area: a minimalist and laid-back design.

17. Those who want to enjoy the patio on rainy days may also consider semi-open models.

18. Dark tones and textures create more intimate and private living spaces.

19. Outdoor living areas with open kitchens make the terrace a multi-functional space.

20. If you want to sunbathe on your summer terrace, it might be a good idea to make room for the sunbeds when designing the terrace area!

21. One of the styles most suited to terraces is of course the rustic style that carries the serenity of nature to our home.

22. Don't ignore the importance of lighting.

23. Even if you do not have a spacious balcony to create a seating area, you can improve it by greening it.

24. This simple roof terrace is rockin' it with rocking chairs, creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can sway away into dreamland.

25. Plastic chairs may not seem so stylish, but they stand out as a very practical and economical solution.

Here are some comfortable outdoor seating ideas to inspire you. 

26. How about some colourful graffiti to cheer up your terrace?

27. Do you want to close the top of your terrace but continue to see the sky? Here is the perfect solution for you!

28. Walkways created with geometric patterns make a difference in terms of its modern appearance and ease of use.

29. If you do not have enough space for pots, you can try vertical gardens.

For more information, you can refer to our article titled indoor plants and vertical gardens.

30. If you do not have a terrace area in your home, but you have a nice garden, you might consider having an additional terrace with some expense.

Which terrace design did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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