15 concrete stair samples for small houses

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When it comes to building stairs for the house, most people do not consider it to be a serious thing. For them stairs are just a way of going from one floor to another and nothing else.

As per homify, when it comes to multi-storey home, the stairs are considered to be an integral part of the house structure and architecture. Stairs not only connect floors, but help in separating areas, connect other spaces and imparts harmony and neatness to the whole house. For designing a good looking staircase, the first thing that needs consideration is the material used in it. Among the different available materials, concrete occupies an important place. Though it might seem to be old-fashioned, but it is a popular choice with many architects till this date. It is considered as ideal material for many reasons – it is high on aesthetic appeal, easy to use and maintain and reasonably priced at the same time. If you want to make a beautiful staircase without flaws, try concrete for sure.

Here are 15 instances of concrete staircases, which enhance the beauty of any house:

1. Creating same distance between stairs

Try this concrete staircase design if you are looking for something unique on the stairs of your house. Concrete is a heavy material and lacks sophistication, true, but it is the most popular material at the same time. To make the stairs attractive, gaps are created between the concrete steps. The whole arrangement gives a ‘floating’ feeling. The appearance of the stairs is also quite stylish.

2. Combining floating staircase

PV House, Boquer 3 Boquer 3 Industrial style corridor, hallway and stairs
Boquer 3

PV House

Boquer 3

For creating a sense of cohesion and solidity, see the image of this staircase. There are floating stairs in combination with thick rectangular stairs. The overall impact is solid and stylish at the same time.

3. The cube art style

See these very solid stairs and you will understand that they are similar to a fine sculpture. The stairs have become a pivotal point of attraction in the home by using neutral gray shade, sharp edges and most importantly clever angles.

4. Detachable stairs

These stairs do not have a railing or support at the sides. If you notice closely, these stairs do not lead to another floor in the house. They are just for décor purpose and stand in the corner of the room. The stairs are in classic wood colour and made of light element. It seems that the stairs are related to some stage of a play.

5. White stairs, which look gentle and elegant

Check out this white staircase and you are sure to fall in love with the same. Perfectly and delicately done, the staircase seems to be a path towards heaven. Next to each step, a small light is placed. When the lights illuminate, the place has an extremely romantic and sparkling appearance.

6. If staircases would be seductive

If staircases would be seductive, they would be like this. Deep brown wood is used in the making of this stylish and extremely mysterious looking staircase. The yellow light reflects exceptionally well on the floor of the house and is in sharp contrast to the black interiors of the space. This particular room setting can never become boring for the entire setup. The staircase has a mysterious appeal which summons one to climb it up and explore what is there on the upper floor!

7. Stairs for small homes – with sharpness and personality

8. The spiral staircase

These staircases might not be suitable in all houses and for everyone. The steps of the staircase wind up in a spiral manner like branch of a canopy or branching of a diameter of a circle. This style of staircase is not only space saving in nature, but it adds to creativity and personality in the interior design and décor of the place.

9. The outdoor stairs that lead indoors!

In areas where there are storms and torrential rains, there is no better option than having concrete stairs. This is all the more applicable when these are outdoor stairs. Concrete is not only economical, but also highly durable in nature. Moreover, minimal repair and maintenance is required for these stairs.

10. Adding colours to stairs for personality

These stairs are exceptionally styled. Though they are made of concrete, they look extremely stylish. Two contrasting colours are used in the stairs in orange and monochrome blue.  The floating effect is maintained perfectly and the whole stair design brings a sense of life and freshness to the home.

11. The sky visibility through the narrow strip

In this house, the roof is open and the stairs lead up straight to the roof. You can see the blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun from inside the house only.

12. When luxury and noble is the combination

It is needless to say that the grey concrete is simple. To enhance the beauty of the place, sparkling chandeliers and attractive glass panels have been installed in the house.

13. Minimalism at its best

This staircase is completely based on minimalistic style. There is nothing elaborate about these stairs – they neither have colourful paintings or intricate details. What makes the simplicity more attractive is spacious open spaces and white walls. The positioning of the stairwell needs special mention as it smartly hides behind two walls. Much home area is not occupied with this design, but at the same time the place looks extremely attractive. Small bonsai plants can be kept at the foot of the stairs to add some natural greenery to the space and to neutralise the effects of the cold colour.

14. Fashionable staircase with white lights and glass

15. Staircase right from the middle of the garden

This staircase would have looked boring if there was no lush green garden in the background. This staircase has successfully covered the empty space in the front of the garden.

Try these attractive concrete staircase ideas at home.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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